Why Steel Roofing Might Be Right for You

Steel roofing falls under the same category as metal roofing right alongside aluminum and other metals used for such an application. Whether you’re considering roofing for a home, commercial business or other outdoor structure, there are a number of reasons to give steel roofing serious thought.

Steel Roofing is Extremely Durable

A properly installed steel roof should be able to withstand high winds, snow and heavy rain. Metal is also fire-resistant, resists insect infestations and will not rot, corrode or crack.

Higher quality steel panels are also impact resistant, making them ideal for use.

Steel Installs Easily

Steel panels are very lightweight compared to other materials, so it installs much faster especially since it can be installed over many other existing types of roofing systems.

If you’re looking for a fast install and don’t want to hassle with removing an old roof, steel roofing is an excellent choice.

Metal Roofing is Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Metal materials like steel reflect the heat from the sun and can save one about 10-25% in energy costs per year.

Solar panels are also easy to add to steel roofs, making them appealing to Eco-conscious consumers.

Furthermore, metal roofs are crafted from a good deal of recycled materials and are almost 100% recyclable upon the end of their life cycle.

Steel Roofing Lasts a Long Time

The longevity of steel roofs is simply unsurpassable and can last anywhere from 40-70 years or even longer with proper maintenance and the use of superior materials.

Warranties for steel roofing is typically somewhere between 30 and 50 years depending on materials and the manufacturer claims.

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