What to do if you Move into a Kansas City Home with Bugs

If you’ve ever shrieked from seeing a massive spider on the wall, you’re not alone. Americans have always had a massive fear of the creepy crawlies. In fact, it’s right up there with public speaking and fear of heights. Bugs and other critters are not welcome in our homes, but what do you do if you move into a home that has them?

Don’t Panic

Having bugs inside your home can be a horrible feeling, but you can get things under control quickly if you act now. The first thing that most people would do under these circumstances is to run to the store and pick up spray, traps, and baits. This isn’t always the best idea. For example, some baits kill bugs after an extended period of time, which means they could die inside your walls, cupboards, or your attic. The smell could be bad and they would extremely hard to find and clean up. Sticky traps are one great resource to buy at the store, however. They will allow you to monitor all the insect activity in the immediate area. From this you can gather information on what pests are there, and more importantly, the amount of pests around.

Hire a Pest Control Company

If you don’t want to battle the critters on your own, you really should hire a good service for pest control in Kansas City. They will be able to make sure, even guarantee, that this unfortunate incident doesn’t happen again. Most pest control companies tend to do a bi-monthly or quarterly treatment in order to stay on top of the pests’ egg cycles. Even in the winter there are pests like rodents that are vying for space in your home. It’s always great to have an exterminator on call for situations like this.