Understanding Green Energy

For many, becoming more environmentally conscious has become crucial. Not only does it make the world safer to live in, but it can also be more cost-effective. Due to this, the discussion of green energy has become more prevalent. This means using a natural resource for power instead of something like coal or gas.

There are a plethora of reasons that businesses should take part in the green energy movement. However, you might need more clarification if you have questions about this power source. As you read, those queries will be answered, and you will feel more confident about approaching Orange Electric to assist you in a commercial solar panel installation in West Jordan, UT.

Types of Green Energy

Although the most popular type of green energy source is the sun, there are a few other types of power that some people may consider. Water and wind are both standards, and turbines continue to be constructed worldwide. However, less well-known is the use of waste like sawdust, known as biomass.

Solar energy remains the most popular green source because it is easier to get on both a residential and commercial scale. The sun is also a more unlimited source than its counterparts. The wind is not likely to occur every day, and not all areas have water or sawdust. However, the sun is most likely to shine at some point throughout the day.

Benefits For Businesses

Being as efficient as possible makes everything run smoothly when you are in charge of a company. When you choose to go green, you can expect to see the following advantages:

Reduced Bills

Businesses are likely to use a lot of energy to work because they have a big area that is full of employees. In many instances, these employees use technology like computers or copiers, which only add to the power being used. Your monthly bills are likely to rack up. Green energy, on the other hand, can save companies money by as much as 80%.


The government is just as keen on going green as you might be. Resources like oil are not only expensive but can be difficult to come by. Because of this, officials often have different money-related incentives for companies who choose to make environmental changes. Utah has 29 tax credits, rebates, and programs available to both corporations and homeowners alike.

Clientele Boost

An added bonus that you might need to realize is that you can get more traction for your company. As stated before, more and more people are becoming concerned with the way they take care of the world. This means that many of them steer clear of businesses that produce harmful emissions or do not do their part to be eco-friendly. If people notice that you made a change, it makes them find your services more trustworthy, thus making them more likely to utilize your craft.

Making a Move to Green Energy

Being able to switch over to a different energy source is easy. All you have to do is hire the most reliable electricians. Since solar power is the most used source of green energy, this may be the move you choose. In that instance, your perfect electrician comes from Orange Electric.

When you choose Orange Electric for the job, they will come in and perform a consultation to garner a better understanding of your business and how much energy you typically use. This can also include measuring your area and finding the locations where the sun shines the most. From there, their team will help to install a solar panel system.

Since they began providing solar panels to clients in West Jordan, Lehi, and South Jordan, UT, Orange Electric has made the world a much safer place to live in. Within a few years, you will see a significant change in how much you are paying your power company. That extra money can go towards more important things that help your business grow and expand.

Orange Electric follows strict guidelines to ensure that their solar systems provide you with the job they intend to do. They offer warranties and financing options that stand above the rest to keep you at ease.

The earth is full of many natural resources that are healthy and reliable. Why waste power on something that isn’t guaranteed to be around forever? When you’re ready to make your business greener using solar energy, contact Orange Electric.