Under Stairs Storage Ideas IKEA

under stairs storage ideas ikea


The space under the stairs often goes underutilized in many homes. However, with a bit of creativity and the right furniture, this area can be transformed into a practical and stylish storage space. IKEA, known for its affordable and versatile products, offers numerous solutions that can be adapted for under stairs storage. In this blog post, we’ll explore some innovative ideas for using IKEA products to maximize and beautify the storage space under your stairs.

Creative Under Stairs Storage Solutions with IKEA

Shelving Units

  • KALLAX Series: The KALLAX shelving units are ideal for under stairs storage. Their modular design can be customized to fit the unique angles and dimensions of the space.
  • BILLY Bookcase: Tall and narrow BILLY bookcases can be an excellent choice for utilizing vertical space under the stairs for books, decor, or storage boxes.

Drawer Units

  • ALEX Drawers: These drawer units are perfect for storing smaller items. They can be easily fitted under the lower part of the stairs, providing a sleek and tidy look.
  • BESTÅ Storage Combination: The BESTÅ series offers a range of drawer units that can be stacked and arranged to suit the space under your stairs.

Cabinets and Cupboards

  • IVAR Cabinet: The IVAR storage system is flexible and can be customized with doors, shelves, and drawers. It’s ideal for creating a hidden storage area that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  • METOD Kitchen Cabinets: Although designed for kitchens, METOD cabinets can be repurposed for under stairs storage, offering a clean and uniform look.

Wardrobe Solutions

  • PAX Wardrobe Units: For a more substantial storage solution, PAX wardrobes can be adapted to fit under the stairs, providing ample space for clothes, shoes, and larger items.

Accessories and Organizers

  • SKÅDIS Pegboard: Utilize wall space under the stairs with a SKÅDIS pegboard for hanging tools, craft supplies, or everyday items.
  • TROFAST Storage Boxes: These boxes are great for organizing smaller items and can be used with shelving units to keep things neat and accessible.

Tips for Maximizing Under Stairs Storage

Measure Accurately

  • Before purchasing any IKEA product, measure the dimensions of your under stairs space carefully to ensure a proper fit.

Consider Accessibility

  • Think about how often you’ll need to access the items stored under the stairs and choose storage solutions that offer easy access.

Blend with Decor

  • Select IKEA products that complement the overall style and color scheme of your home for a cohesive look.

Multi-Functional Furniture

  • Opt for storage solutions that can serve multiple purposes, such as seating with storage or a fold-away desk for a small home office.


Transforming the under stairs area into a storage space with IKEA products is a practical and stylish way to maximize the use of every inch of your home. With a range of options like shelving units, drawer units, cabinets, and wardrobe solutions, you can create a customized storage area that fits your needs and enhances your home’s aesthetic. Remember, the key to effective under stairs storage is combining functionality with style, and with IKEA’s versatile offerings, the possibilities are endless.