Types of Stone Counter Tops

Perhaps it is time for you to look into a solid kitchen remodel. This is rarely a bad idea but, of course, you have to weigh a lot of things before you dive in. Still, it doesn’t hurt to daydream a little—so what type of counter top would you get? Stone?

And what kind of stone?



Just in case you have not heard, granite counter tops provide both strength and beauty to your kitchen.  Most other materials, unfortunately, cannot stack up against granite.  However, many will try; and it is important to consider the others too, as competitors offer unique features that can add particular benefits too.

Among the more popular reasons people love granite, it comes in many shades, cuts, and colors.  It is also available in several polishes—glossy, matte, very dark, etc.—so you can choose the tone you like. Finally, granite is also available in different grades and that means you can get it at just about any price point; for some, that is the most attractive feature of all.


With granite, it is pretty easy to see why people like it but with concrete you may have to make a case for it.  While the impression is somewhat similar you do have to pour it yourself. Still, granite comes in pre-cut slabs but the fact that you pour your own concrete means you can also customize it to whatever size, color, shape, and configuration you need.

However, concrete is brittle. That makes it vulnerable to extreme shifts in temperature and even some extreme weather conditions.  It can also warp easily and curl from overexposure to moisture.


Finally, you can also find counter tops in other stone varieties too.  Obviously you know of marble counter tops, but they can also be available in limestone, soapstone, Grifon comptoir quartz, and more.  Many of these stones will likely possess qualities similar to that of granite, requiring perhaps just a little additional care.

You should also consider that not all counter tops are created equal. Some are all natural while others are engineered with synthetic parts.  This affects how easy it is to maintain them.

Irene Davis

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