Types of Cushion Interiors Available in the Market

If you are looking for comfortable cushions for your home, you must know that there are a lot of options available to you and these cushions are available in the market in different types of forms and structures.

Here is a guide to different types of cushions available in the market.


Foam forms one of the most popular fillings for cushions. It is flexible, resistant and very easy to mold and manipulate into any shape and structure. They are very soft and can be molded into the shape that you desire.

When wrapped in polyester fiber, these cushions feel even softer which increases the comfort and makes them last for a longer time. Polyurethane foam is the most common and the best foam that you can use for your cushions.

Fiber and feather

These cushions are also very comfortable because of the softness of these cushions and the way you can just slide in them. You don’t have to sit on them rather, you just slide in these cushions and the softness of the material. But one thing to keep in mind while buying these cushions I that one must not be allergic to feathers.

You can even buy these cushions on the web. You just have to visit website of the sellers over the web and check the quality and place your order.

Spring down cushion

This cushion is formed with the core of it made of springs and the surrounding area is surrounded by foam. All of this is wrapped inside a thick polyester fiber layer.

The spring adds to the softness of the cushion and provides a resilient feel to it. But this type of cushion needs to be pumped and maintained back to its shape from time to time so that it keeps up with the change in its dimensions.


Hence, there are a lot of different types of cushions available in the market. You just need to know the type of cushion you want and pick the best one from the choices available. You must know about your preferences and then make your choice accordingly.