Trendy Ranch Style House Exterior Paint Colors

trendy ranch style house exterior paint colors

Ranch style homes, with their simple lines and wide horizontal footprint, have become an emblematic representation of suburban American architecture. Their inherently casual design offers a broad canvas for paint colors. Over the years, there have been shifts in trends concerning these homes’ color palettes. Here, we explore some of the trendy exterior paint colors for ranch style houses.

1. Soft Neutrals:

  • Whites and Beiges: These tones offer a timeless appeal. An all-white exterior, for instance, lends a fresh, updated look to a ranch-style house.
  • Greige: This blend of gray and beige has gained massive popularity due to its ability to adapt to different lighting conditions, looking neither too warm nor too cold.

2. Earth Tones:

Ranch houses often lean towards a connection with nature, given their widespread, low-to-the-ground design.

  • Taupe and Warm Browns: These shades integrate the home seamlessly with a natural landscape.
  • Olive Greens: A nod to the mid-century origins of the ranch style, these tones are making a huge comeback, offering sophistication and a touch of retro appeal.

3. Bold Blues:

While traditional ranch homes often shy away from bold hues, modern adaptations aren’t afraid to make a statement.

  • Navy and Slate Blues: These rich colors provide a sharp contrast to a light-colored or brick trim, giving the home a chic touch.

4. Warm Grays:

While gray has been a favorite for various home styles, ranch homes, in particular, benefit from the warmth of this hue.

  • Charcoal Gray: This deep shade gives the home a stately presence, especially when combined with white trims or natural wood elements.

5. Pastels:

Especially popular in sunnier regions, pastel exteriors bring a cheerful touch to ranch homes.

  • Soft Coral: Evoking coastal vibes, this color is perfect for a ranch home with a beachy or tropical aesthetic.
  • Muted Turquoise: This lends a southwestern feel, especially when paired with terra cotta roofing.

6. Accents and Trims:

The magic often lies in the details.

  • Crisp White: Whether you choose a bright hue or a muted tone for the exterior, a crisp white trim can make the colors pop.
  • Natural Wood: Exposed beams, wooden doors, or wooden shutters can provide a rustic contrast to any paint color, enhancing the ranch feel.

7. Daring Darks:

For those looking to make a bold statement, dark exteriors have been gaining traction.

  • Black or Dark Gray: These can transform a traditional ranch house into a contemporary masterpiece, especially when contrasted with metallic fixtures and lush green landscaping.


When choosing a trendy paint color for your ranch style house’s exterior, it’s essential to consider the surroundings, roofing color, and any permanent materials or fixtures. By integrating the old charm of ranch design with contemporary color trends, homeowners can ensure their dwelling stands out, yet remains timeless in its appeal. Always remember to test a patch first and observe it during different times of the day to see how the color interacts with the changing light.