Top 5 Most Trending Vinyl Flooring Ideas

Flooring is surprisingly the most neglected, yet most important part of home décor. The type of flooring whether regarding tiles, carpeting or vinyl you choose, it has an extremely crucial impact on the overall look and feel of your home. A few decades back, people did not care to pay much attention to flooring design, but today it’s the most trending outcomes of the interior design world. Vinyl flooring has caught up well and become the new kid on the block. Whether you want simple vinyl or luxury ones like the elite Kardean Da Vinci vinyl, you have a buffet of options. Let us look at some top trending styles.

Bleached and blanched Vinyl

The hardwood floors are the most contemporary and classy looking option you can go for. They are not glossy like the usual ones but have a matt and more natural finish to them. They are blanched and bleached and hence have a lighter colour and texture to them. Because of its subtle tone, you can use them for hallways and living or dining rooms to give them a more prominent appearance.

Distressed wood Vinyl

One word for distressed wood is – rustic. It has a more profound, darker appeal which gives off an oaky, old, rustic yet very classy look. This look has been trending this year because of its natural rich feel which comes in a variety of stains and patterns on them. Be careful when you choose this one as its dark tone makes your room extents smaller.

Waterproof Vinyl

Engineered waterproof vinyl has been in trend for a couple of years now merely because it stands out regarding maintenance and convenience for families with pets or children. The flooring is waterproof, so it doesn’t hold on to any stains and is easy to clean. Compared to a full wood vinyl, it comes at an economical price which makes it convenient to change if needed. Also comes with a lot of variety in designs.

Textured Vinyl

The textured vinyl trend has picked up in early 2018 and is here to stay. Unique in its styling and approach, this porcelain wood finish comes in a plethora of patterns and stands out in the most unconventional way for home décor. The textured vinyl allows you to play around with patterns which is an added advantage.

Stone/Concrete Vinyl

The stone look vinyl sets a tone to your home which is a class apart from others. Its grainy, deep grey stone is a hit with patio areas that you want to do up and pair alongside contemporary outdoor furniture. You can use this look in the kitchen to give it a traditional feel as well.

Choosing the right vinyl flooring is essential because the flooring is not something that you can replace overnight. Please make sure you understand the extents of your home correctly and then incorporate a flooring style accordingly to your observations and avoid an overkill by doing too much with it.

Irene Davis

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