Tips to Keep in Mind while choosing an Indoor Fan

Keeping in mind how there’s an assortment of interior fans to choose from, purchasing one would require some research. Indoor ceiling fans come in a huge variety, from sizes, shapes, and colors to designs and added lights and accessories. You probably want to choose modern ceiling fans that are comfortable, stylish, match your home décor and are under your budget too. With a little research, you can find a great range of fans from companies like Crestar Singapore’s ceiling fans. So, here are some comprised tips and things to keep in mind while looking for your indoor fan. You’ll need to refer to these for finding a fan that can live its complete lifespan healthily without causing any problems.

The size of your fan

For efficiency, it’s important to know that there is no one size fits all ceiling fan. They should differ according to the size of the rooms. You need to make sure that you find a The right size of the fan by determining the room size and height.

The method of application for your fan will also differ according to your ceiling. Flushed mount ceilings or ceiling with high height or slopes ceilings will all require a different kind of application. Some things to keep in mind while positioning the ceiling fans are the distance between two fans and fans placed near light fixtures. Make sure that you’re leaving appropriate space between them to ensure no damage.

Ceiling fans with lights

Adding lights to ceiling fans is purely preferential. But if you plan to install the fans in a dark room or where there is less natural light it’s best to opt for ceiling fans with light. There is also a wide range in lights that are offered with fans. Halogens lights use fewer energy resources and are great for easy to reach fans. They emit a nice warm glow and their average lifespan is of 1,500 hours. LED lights, on the other hand, emit a cool lighting but conserve way less energy and have the lifespan of around 50,000 hours. Another type of light attached to fans could be fluorescent lights which are perfect for an edgy style. They too conserve less energy and have a lifespan of over 10,000 hours.

Styles and Designs in Ceiling fans

The style and design of the ceiling fan that you choose are again preferential and depends on the style and appearance of your home or interior. Here are some narrowed down styles of ceiling fans that you can keep in mind while looking for your own.

  • Rustic and Boho inspired fans.

These fans are perfect for the western interior when matches with dark wood, stripes and old lodge themed furniture. Rustically styled fans look great in big houses that have an old home feel with soft earthly colors and handmade accessories like baskets and pottery.

  • Contemporary or modern fans.

Contemporary fans look great in modern homes. They are minimalistic and simply designed to complement every type of interior. Modern ceiling fans are also great if they have a nice simple design that matches your apartment.

  • Vintage and antique style fans

These fans are supposed to be heavily made with high-quality wood-like materials. They have the antique flair to them and would look amazing in huge mansion-style homes.

We hope that these tips on the types and styles of ceiling fans can give you a better insight into finding the right kind of fan for your home. A little research can ensure that you are able to find a fan that is within your budget and fulfills all your requirements. Click here to check out our Facebook page and the technology behind the breeze.

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