Things worth knowing about asbestos testing for commercial properties!

Depending on the country and respective state/region, there can be applicable laws related to asbestos testing. No matter whether it’s about new construction or demolition of a building, asbestos testing is often a must. Materials that are likely to emit asbestos dust must be removed. Additionally, employers are responsible for ensuring that workers are not exposed to asbestos, owing to multiple health hazards. Understandably, asbestos testing is an aspect that concerns commercial businesses at different points and time. Here’s what you must know about asbestos testing in detail.

The process

Usually, specialized companies are hired for the job. For example, if you opt for Ortam group asbestos testing, their experts and asbestos detection specialists will come over for a scheduled site visit to do the required check. Everything starts by establishing an ‘asbestos-containing materials management (ASM) program’. This is important for characterization of buildings and understanding components and other aspects relevant to the same. Once the possible ASMs are identified, samples will be taken from the site, which will be then sent to an accredited laboratory for independent testing. Once the testing is done, an analysis report will be prepared and sent to the client. The process is an extensive one and can take time in some cases, depending on the samples taken and possible signs of asbestos. The final step is about offering recommendations for removal or containment of materials containing asbestos.

When to go for asbestos testing?

It depends on the industry. Asbestos is expectedly found in a number of industries, like building, construction, insulation, waterproofing, shipbuilding, textile, automotive and plastic. The complete evaluation of materials is done by taking samples from walls, ceilings and insulation. Please note that this testing is done in accordance to the norms laid down by respective bodies. The samples are tested in a lab, as mentioned above, using ‘polarizing light microscopy (PML)’ analysis. As to when you should get asbestos testing done depends on many things and aspects. For commercial properties seeking expansion or willing to renovate, such kind of testing is more than necessary. In many cases, asbestos testing is a part of the building inspection process, while it can be done independently, as well, often to secure financing. Financial institutions can demand for an asbestos testing report at different points and time.

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Irene Davis

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