The Pros and Cons of Double Glazing Windows

Choosing new windows for your home might require a little more homework than you may think. Windows for your home are available in many different styles, colours and finishes, with each offering a range of different benefits suited to a variety of properties. For instance, those living in period properties generally choose sash and case windows for a classic look.

However, choosing new windows for your home needn’t be an arduous task. In fact, if you look at the pros and cons of double glazing windows, you will quickly realise whether they will be the right fit for your home.

Pro: Double Glazing Insulates Your Home

With two solid panes of glass fitted in a durable UPVC frame, double glazing is a very effective insulator for your home. Not only does it keep cool air out, but it retains warm air too. This means that your home will automatically become energy efficient and as a result, your household bills could dramatically reduce, especially during Winter months.

Pro: Double Glazing Reduces Noise

Noise reduction is an important feature to many homeowners considering new double glazing windows, especially those who live in cities. Noise reduction is possible because of additional glass pane.

Pro: Double Glazing Improves Security

Traditional windows don’t offer much to modern-day homeowners in terms of safety and security. Double glazing windows, on the other hand, offer a range of safety features for peace of mind. From sturdy UPVC frames to robust locking mechanisms complete with keys, double glazing can significantly improve the overall security of your home.

Pro: Double Glazing Lasts For A Long Time

Timber window frames are subject to rot and splintering, especially as a result of rain and adverse weather. In addition to this, single panes can be easily damaged or broken. Double glazing is manufactured to stand the test of time, and generally remains in top condition in excess of ten years.

Con: Double Glazing Can Be Expensive

Compared to traditional windows, double glazing can seem expensive, especially if you select a premium supplier. Of course, the price largely depends on the style of glass and frame you choose. The overall cost of your double glazing may seem like a large figure, however it’s important to consider the length of use you will have and the future financial benefits, for instance, reduced energy bills as a result of better home insulation.

Con: Double Glazing Repairs Can Be Costly

The initial investment made to install double glazing windows is more than traditional windows, and the same applies to any necessary repairs. Due to the fact that quality materials are used, repairs may be more expensive. However, reputable double glazing specialists always offer a lengthy guarantee with new windows so although your windows might be in need of repair, you may be covered for this.

Interesting? We certainly think so!

As with any home renovation, it’s always important to weigh up the pros and cons before making a decision. First and foremost, you must consider your personal requirements to ensure that your chosen windows tick the right boxes, for instance, do they come in the right style? Do they offer the correct security features? Are they available in my budget?

It’s clear to see that the pros of double glazing largely outweigh the cons and it’s no secret as to why. In the first instance, double glazing windows may seem like an expensive investment, however, the value they add to your property in terms of insulation, security and actual monetary worth, is priceless.