The Lucrative Pricing of Parc Esta Condo

The Parc Esta Condo has been developed with the expertise and experience of a highly reputed developer which is MCL Land. The units of the condominium are designed to fit right into the mould of needs and requirements of home seekers all across the countries. The condo doesn’t run short on facilities and the location of it is incredibly appealing. The numerous accessories and amenities also contribute to the excellence of Parc Esta condo. Despite all of this, the pricing of Parc Esta condo is incredibly reasonable and attractive. Considering all the features, the pricing of Parc Esta condo is considerably low. There are a variety of unites that come under Parc Esta Condo and they are priced accordingly.

Price range of Parc Esta Condo

The prices of the units of Parc Esta Condo depending upon the floor plan range from 732K to 2.32M. It really depends upon the size and facilities of the unit as to what its price is. You should be aware of what exactly are you in need of before you make the purchase and spend accordingly. There is something for everyone when it comes to Parc Esta Condo. The Parc Esta price is incredibly attractive and reasonable. For budget conscious people, there are various options that they can opt for as well.

If you explore through various other condominiums that offer similar facilities, the pricing goes comparatively higher. The Parc Esta Condo is designed as per your convenience and the pricing is also something that will attract you. The condo is priced in order to ensure 100% customer satisfaction by ascertaining that the potential buyers pay for exactly what they are purchasing. The detailed price list of Parc Esta is displayed on the website and you can accordingly choose what you wish to purchase.

Information regarding the process of purchase

It is essential that the sales and purchase agreement of the Parc Esta Condo is exercised within 3 weeks of when the documents are delivered. If the buyer does not the exercise this option, the developer will forfeit 25% of the booking and refund the remaining 75% to the buyer. It is important to know that the duration of the stages of the purchase might be earlier than it is stated. Another important factor to put into consideration is that the whole procedure should be 8 weeks from the date of option. Just in case there is any sort of delay, then it is required to submit a written application to the developer for approval. When the payment of the first 20% of the property is done, the remaining 80% will be in progressive scheme. These are some of the factors that you should know about before you make the purchase.