The Best Options in Kitchen Renovations: What Will You Choose?

Renovations are expensive, especially when it comes to cooking. Cabinets, counters, lighting, plumbing, flooring, appliances, the list of items to consider is long and can quickly become a source of anxiety and financial stress.

Take inventory

The first thing to consider before snatching everything: what to keep and what to sell. Several hundred dollars, if not many thousands, can hide in this operation.

If your kitchen cabinets are made of solid wood and you like them, why not have them painted or dyed in a more contemporary color rather than changing them?

If there is nothing to keep them, you can remove them from the wall and sell them on classifieds. You will be surprised to see the takers for this kind of bargain. Because the unloved cuisine of some makes the happiness of others!

Choose quality materials

Quality rhymes with high price? It’s not always the case. Drawers, well built with speed bumps, will last much longer than their more expensive counterparts. This same thinking applies to other elements of the kitchen such as faucets, flooring and countertop selection. For that do not worry about the kitchen renovation cost.

Take the door!

Literally. Sometimes it’s only a matter of changing the hardware of your cabinet doors to give them a whole new look. This little trick is to consider if you are a tenant and you do not have the opportunity to renovate all your kitchen.

The trend is for hot metals such as copper and brass, which give a kitchen a “Old World” look, while stainless steel hardware will provide a clean, modern look.

Call in specialists or do one’s own renovations?

Sometimes we have to know where our strengths are and where it’s better to let the pros do it. Saving on business expenses and doing one’s own renovations can sometimes end up costing you a lot more. Moreover, remember that some damages are not covered by residential insurance, such as electrical damage for example.

Another thing to remember, if you have a gas stove installed, bring a certified plumber , which will ensure that there are no leaks in the facility. Peace of mind is priceless.

Make the big jump

Renovating is hard enough, so do it all at once. As long as you see your comfort and your routine disturbed by the presence of workers in the house, or even by the absence of work surface and sink, as well live the biggest of the renov at the same time.

Just make sure you plan your trades so that your cabinets are installed (or painted) before your countertop installer comes in, or your electrician and plumber are gone before closing the walls and installing the backsplash. long awaited ceramic.