The Best of Spray Foam Insulation for You

The application of spray foam spray allows optimal insulation and considerable energy savings by improving the living comfort and reducing the costs of heating and air conditioning of the rooms.

The sprayed spray foam is applied not only in buildings and structural components but also in industrial plants and pipes. For the Spray Foam Insulation Services this is important.

Expanded Polyurethane: what is it?

  • The rigid expanded polyurethane, used in construction, is insulating foam with a very fine closed cell structure.
  • Thanks to its specific properties, this spray insulation is able to perfectly conform to the volumes and surfaces to be insulated and to adhere permanently to any type of support: spray foam is today the best solution for thickness-cost-performance ratio.
  • The insulating treatment can be applied to flat, inclined and vertical surfaces.

Building Applications

The insulation with sprayed spray foam, in case of application for industrial or zootechnical use, allows insulating and avoiding the condensation on the roofs of the sheds.

PI 2000 carries out insulation operations by means of sprayed spray foam both in extrados and in the intrados of the roof covering or the wall. Depending on the request of the heating engineer or the customer, the thickness of the material to be laid is identified.

Insulation with spray foam is achieved through the use of special high-pressure machines that allow a quick spreading of the powdered compound. Its application allows to cover and insulate any type of covering, even large ones, in a short time.

Its use is also indicated as an encapsulant for asbestos contained in the cement fiber.

Outside the sprayed polyurethane is protected by specific paints available in the colors: red, green, gray, white.

  • Polyurethane in industrial construction
  • polyurethane on industrial sheds
  • Polyurethane colored with paints

Civil Building

The polyurethane spray insulation in the case of civil construction allows to effectively recover any type of roof, interior ceiling, masonry or floor, having problems of acoustic or thermal insulation.

It is possible to apply this spray insulation both indoors and outdoors. The recovery of canopies allows extending the life of tar sheaths or roofs, with the possibility of subsequent application of the tiles. This ensures perfect insulation and therefore considerable savings in heating.

In the case of civil roofing this type of insulation considerably reduces the dispersion of internal temperatures and the noise emissions on entry but above all on exit, guaranteeing complete insulation and reducing the expenses of domestic users.

  • Spray polyurethane on walls
  • polyurethane insulation inside walls
  • Spray polyurethane on roofs
  • Polyurethane on residential roofs

The main advantages

The main advantage of polyurethane spray foam as an insulator is to perfectly conform to the surfaces and adhere to any type of support, creating a continuous insulating layer, without thermal bridges and firmly anchored to the structure.

The insulation by means of spray polyurethane is suitable for all building works, even complex and articulated ones, and also guarantees good thermo-acoustic insulation.