The best cleaning tips and tricks to incorporate in your routine

Cleaning is a repetitive process and can be quite boring, but if you go about it the right way it could be at least easier even if it’s no less tedious. Every day there is a need to clean things up in order to tidy up. Otherwise it puts you and your family in a position prone to germs and diseases.

Furniture waxing

Wiping the furniture or blowing out the dust is not a hard task. Wooden furniture require waxing after the coating gets old and the wax helps in protecting against dust and moisture.


This is a daily ritual that helps reduce dust related health problems. Using a feather duster will help in removing the dust effectively. Changing air filters 2-3 months will help in removing dust or otherwise it will be clog up and this will damage the air conditioner. An added benefit is that it will improve the quality of air in your home.

Daily washing routine

Every morning there are some cleaning rituals that have to be undertaken. These include washing up dirty plates, cleaning the toilet bowl, making the bed and cleaning the bathroom. Having or creating a cleaning schedule will help you keep your house clean at all times. This way we always have time to clean and don’t end up having things cluttered all over. Having a child or children also increases the amount of time spent during cleaning especially when they are still young.

Monthly washing routine

Some items and components can’t be cleaned every day. These include washing windows. Some window washing techniques include using microfiber clothing as they make the work easier. Don’t clean them on a sunny day as they will dry out before you wipe off, leaving streaks which are hard to remove.

James Loveland

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