State Tile: Superior Choice for Exterior and Interior Designs

Slate tile is becoming increasingly popular for use in design projects inside and outside the home, and that’s because the durable, affordable material can be adapted to many different decorating requirements with tiles available in shades of gray, black, gold, red, and endless more options.

It’s a particularly ideal material for flooring designs because it’s such a strong substance that it can withstand wear and tear from the elements outside, along withheavy foot traffic inside. The good range of slate tile on offer, combined with the comparatively low cost and the ease to install and maintain, means that homeowners should consider slate for their next floor design.

For example, homes that have swimming pools can be enhanced visually with the use of large slate tiles in different-sized squares and rectangles with a color scheme mixing shades of gray, brown and orange. This color scheme will reflect the natural outside light well, and the fact that slate is a non-slip surface makes it a safer choice for using in an area that will see a lot of water splashes.

Slate tile also works just as well around the front of the house, and here it can be used to tile the pathway leading up to the front door. A warm, rustic entrance can be projected through the use of slate tiles with blue, gray, gold and brown coloring that won’t overwhelm the rest of the exterior.

Many people think that slate is only available in shades of black or gray, but the truth is that slate tile can be produced in a much bigger range of colors. That makes it perfect to deviate from black or gray tiles for more adventurous color schemes. For example, an outdoor patio area can look great with the use of vibrant slate tiles shaded in variations of red, purple and gold.

Of course, slate tile is just as useful for inside design flooring projects large and small. One great place to use this kind of tile is in the kitchen, where its durability and non-slip surface are ideal in a room that sees a heavy amount of foot traffic as well as frequent spills. For the kitchen, consider slate tiles in shades of white, gray, black, red and gold. This is a prominent color scheme that’s eye-catching and a great focal point when paired with white or other neutral-colored cabinets.

Or, consider using slate tile in the living room, laying large tiles in shades of blue and gray for a sophisticated appearance and a floor that will be easy to clean and maintain compared to other potentially more expensive and higher-maintenance flooring options like wood or travertine.

The above examples are just a handful of ways that slate tile can be the perfect pick for a flooring project, but the versatility of the material means they are many more options available – the only real limitation is whatever the homeowner can dream up for the scope of their next big design idea.

James Stone

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