Spend Less, Live Large With Laminate Benchtops

Laminate benchtops have gone from blah to wow in only a couple of years

Once considered cheap and tacky-looking, laminate has become among the very sought-after low-cost and eco friendly substances.  Benchtops are only 1 element to benefit from it; even floors do and with long-lasting results.

So what is the big deal with laminate?

How and why can it be getting a lot of attention?  Following the principles of this lamination process, laminate is made by fusing together a few layers of substances to make a solid, stable and insulating product.  The layers typically include a huge proportion of recycled fibers, a feature that has gone down well with today’s smart consumer.

Very low maintenance

Aside from the green factor, laminate is quite easy to take care of.  This is vital because kitchen function is heavy as it is and never has to thoroughly maintain benchtops is an undesirable obligation.  One could argue that ceramic tiles perform as good or a better job at minimizing maintenance than laminate or laminate lines tend to capture dirt and there is a tendency for ceramic to crack.  Besides, ceramic is cold and although benchtops do not affect general temperature much, you might notice a marked difference during winter months.

Laminate only requires a fast wipe-down with a moist cloth.  Spillage should be cleaned immediately – as is the case with all kinds of kitchen benchtops in Melbourne – and also a gentle cleanser used, if needed.  No poisonous chemical-laced brokers.  If basic care may be followed then there is no need for regular replacement.

Highly affordable and customizable

Just a few substances can boast the flexibility appreciated by laminate.  Unlike rock that resembles stone or ceramic that resembles ceramic, laminate has no true form.  It may:

  • Mimic timber
  • Rock
  • Brick
  • Cement

because it’s customizable.  All this with no paying for the price of authentic stone, wood etc…  In fact, the majority of homeowners today prefer installing laminate for benchtops because the savings are simply too great.

Straightforward setup

Consider the weight of stones such as granite or even hardwoods.  Laminate is comparatively very lightweight and easy to lay which means DIY can manage installation with few problems.  For customers trying to cut costs, this makes a huge difference.


Though not as hardy as rock which is extremely dense, laminate nevertheless scores big points for being very durable.  To lengthen its lifetime, a cutting board always has to be used and whatever aflame can’t be set back on the surface.  However, it may take a great deal of heat so putting hot pans isn’t an issue.  The same with spots that don’t shape as quickly.  For the price of around $20 a square foot, it is a very good deal.

Doesn’t cost much to replace

All countertops must be replaced sooner or later because there are only so many occasions they are sometimes re-sanded and mended.  Using laminate, the task is relatively straightforward and doesn’t cost much.  With new designs flooding the current market, it is the ideal choice for homeowners who like change.

These advantages are not without a few drawbacks but that’s the case with all benchtop materials.  The appeal of laminate is in the fact that it offers affordable topping options for people that can’t or do not wish to shell out much, for customers who prefer the greener route and for homeowners who like to take on installment tasks independently.