Some Smart Solutions for Pest Problems

Are you going to throw a barbecue party? It sounds great. You must have invited many of your friends, colleagues and loved ones. When you get to hang around with your near and dear ones, what else do you need to feel relaxed and happy? Your garden premise has a strong wall running around it. There is no chance for any unwanted person to gatecrash at the party and spoil the cheerful mood. But there could be a non-human element to spoil your party.

A barbecue party means a lot of food getting prepared in full view of everyone. Food is an attraction for both guests and pests alike. Nobody likes the bugs freely roaming at the parties or enjoys their companionship at bed. This write-up is meant to guide you about how to prevent them from infiltrating into your house and what you can do to get rid of them to enjoy a great and peaceful party.

Managing insects, if they have not grown in large numbers, is not much difficult. Having some common senses will solve your problem.

  • Always keep your food covered. Bugs easily get attracted to food.
  • Try not to host a party near a pool of stagnant water, as it is the perfect place for the mosquitoes to breed.
  • Use lights, sippers and sprays to drive the insects away and keep them at bay.
  • Make sure to clear garbage near your house premise.

Followings are some effective solutions that you can apply at the cooking spot and backyard to prevent the harmful pests from ruining your party.

  • Use plants that the insects don’t like at all. For example, marigold.
  • Buy ladybugs as these feed on insects and stay at the same place for a long time.
  • Basil, peppermint, lavender etc are excellent herbs to ward off the bugs. What is more, they will add elegance to your garden.
  • Use Citronella candles to fend off insects at barbecues. If you host BBQ parties often, plant citronella in your outhouse area.
  • Do you know having a chicken farm will solve your problem in almost no time? If you are living in a remote area or city suburb, maintain a small chicken farm. They will love to feast on the bugs and thus, solve your pest problem.
  • Some birds feed on insects. Allow the birds to enter into your premise. You can hang bird houses to attract them. You may also put a bat house in an effort to attract the bats.

You can try out any of these tips to eliminate bugs. It is better to use a combination of two or more to drive them out. Once your house and garden are free of these harmful insects, it will be the right place to enjoy a barbeque party in relaxed mood.

As long as the bugs are few in number, you can tackle the problem without anyone’s help. But what if they have infested your house? In that case, you need a pest control team. Contact Elevate pest control for effective treatment at the earliest.