Smartest Options for Easy Air Conditioning repair

A new law on substances that deplete the ozone layer and some fluorinated greenhouse gases was adopted, less than nine years after the directives began to require such regulations in the member countries. Theoretically, therefore, there was a lot of preparation time, but – as it usually happens in Poland – a significant part of interested parties only at the last minute realized that the new regulations apply to them.

What does this law have in common with the automotive industry? A lot. All popular cooling agents used in cars are “subject to” new regulations. Under the new regulations, every person operating air conditioning systems must undergo training at an authorized facility and have appropriate certification. With the columbia sc air conditioning repair now you will find the smartest options and that also within the budget that you think as the best.

You buy a used car – remember about insurance

Differences in policy prices for the same car can be up to several hundred percent. Therefore, before you buy insurance, compare the offers of different companies.

The most advantageous OC and AC insurance offers

There are high penalties for the lack of such a document. Good news: certificates for mechanics serving air conditioning in passenger cars are valid indefinitely throughout the Union. Training costs several hundred zlotys, they are not overly difficult, they last several hours and they concern not only technical issues related to the operation of systems; the mechanics are also supposed to find out why coolants are potentially dangerous for the environment, how to recover them and how to dispose of them. The courses are offered by all major distributors of workshop equipment, parts and materials for operating air conditioning.

Mandatory training is, however, the least onerous for the changes. The new law introduces very serious restrictions on refrigeration trade. Trading in agents that can threaten the ozone layer is now under scrutiny.

  • Workshops are required to maintain strict records of such substances. Companies must maintain lists with accurate information on how many coolants they bought and how many sold to customers. Trading in such goods is also strictly regulated, eg a workshop that will buy a bottle with a factor, can not sell it in its entirety, but only offer it with the service.
  • Well, but how to account for gas that can easily leak when the air conditioning is unsealed, for example as a result of a failure or during not very careful mechanics? Under the new regulations, you can not just “finish off” the air conditioner if it lacks more than 40 grams. A larger loss is treated as excessive, and supplementing the factor is possible in such a situation only after repairing the system, and this repair should be documented.

It is so difficult that in many new cars such losses happen also with completely functional, almost new systems it means no more or less that many customers will be affected by seeming repairs.

Checking the efficiency of the air conditioning system

The easiest way to check whether the air conditioning after air conditioning installation bolingbrook il is working properly is to measure the temperature of the air coming out of the ventilation grilles – at about 20˚C outside, with the air conditioning set to maximum cooling, the air flowing out of the vents should be 4-8˚C. Before carrying out such a test, it is worth making sure that the cabin filter is unobstructed. In new cars, a diagnostic computer with dedicated software for vehicles of a given brand may be needed to check the air conditioning operation. Apart from ac repairs, you can check out heating saskatoon for all heating related services.