Simple and Inexpensive Ways to Landscape Your Home

Landscaping is often seen as a rich man’s indulgence. We see mansions having wonderful and carefully crafted landscapes, but the truth is, an ordinary home can be beautified with the landscape. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to landscaping your humble home. But first make sure that you get hold of landscape design professionals, and if you’re in Texas, there are quality Houston landscape design firms around.

Combine Soil and Homemade Compost

You don’t need to buy expensive potting soil to grow your flowers or plants. You can lessen your soil expenses by using some leftover organic scraps. Mix it with potting soil, and voila, you have a nutritious mixture that your plants will surely grow in.

Do strategic shopping

Wait after to the end of a season (e.g., spring or summer) to buy plants or shrubs. It’s just like buying clothes. A lot of clothing retailers mark down their clothes after the end of a season. This means that you can get price cuts of up to 50% to 90% in nurseries who are clearing their spaces for new inventory. Don’t afraid to negotiate with them during this period as they are eager to clear their inventory.

Unleash your creativity

One of the best ways to beautify your home is using stepping stones. The problem is that they can be priced quite steeply. This can cost you hundreds to even a thousand dollars for just a small garden path. To save on this, unleash your creativity by making homemade stepping stones by making it yourself.  Buy some cement, and decorative marbles and shells. Use a square-shaped cardboard box to create the form of the stepping stone. Mix the cement well with marbles and colored glass.

Start young

Buy young plants and shrubs because they are cheaper than the mature plants and flowers. You’ll discover that these young plants and shrubs grow very quickly once planted.

Buy Perennials

Perennials are plants that can live for a long time. Contrast that to annuals which can live for only one season. Buying perennials ensure that your budget will be put to good use. Possible perennials to consider include Baptisia, Sage, and Buddleia. Mix and match to create a beautiful home garden exterior.

About this, look to get the native species as they have already acclimatized to the weather and soil conditions rather than getting imported ones which may struggle to thrive in a new environment.

Use Gravel

Gravel is an inexpensive and low-maintenance material that you can use to fill in spots where plants don’t grow, and many people use as a pathway. Gravel is perfect if you’re looking to create an area in your home to have that modern feel.

Invest in soaker hoses

Instead of buying expensive sprinklers or wasting your time watering the plants daily, use soaker hoses instead. This will cut down your water bill and is more affordable than getting sprinklers.

Create a compost bin

Having a compost bin made up of kitchen scraps and leaves will provide you with quality soil amendments for free. This will help strengthen the quality of your fertilizer for your plants.

James Stone

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