Should I Repair My Garage Door on My Own?

Every real homeowner loves a bit of DIY work here and there. Not only does it save us money, it makes us feel better when we accomplish something that might have seemed difficult. Fortunately, with YouTube and countless instructional articles, even someone completely unfamiliar with a particular problem can quickly find and fix the issue. And while you might think that one successful project makes you a jack-of-all-trades handyman, some issues like garage door repair should be left to professionals.

Sure, it’s easy to patch the drywall or fix a dripping faucet, get the washing machine to stop rumbling or remove the hard water residue from the faucet. But with garage door repair brandon ms, things can get a bit more complicated. If you ever experience an issue with your garage door, here’s why you should call a professional right away for garage door repair service colts neck nj.

Torsion Springs Can Injure You

There are two different types of springs used to open and close your garage door: extension and torsion systems. Torsion systems are more reliable and widespread, but can also be more dangerous. These springs are placed horizontally above the garage door. If the spring is damaged it can seriously hurt you or even cause fatal injury. Since they collect mechanical energy in their tightened state if they break they can release all the energy and hit you in the head or chest. That is why you should leave a task as serious as broken spring replacement to licensed technicians.

You Can Make the Damage Worse

With garage door repair you need to know exactly where the problem lies. If you’re trying to save money by handling the repairs an expert should, you can make matters even worse. If you don’t know what you’re dealing with you can further damage the garage door mechanism. In this case, you might have nothing left to do but finance expensive replacements. Not to mention that a broken garage door can damage your car and hurt your family members.

Falling Garage Doors are Dangerous

Due to their extreme weight, the falling garage door can seriously injure or even kill you. In fact, thousands of people each year die from the injuries caused by the damaged garage door. Each year, nearly 11 thousand people suffer from injuries caused by the faulty garage door. That’s why repairing your garage door is not just a matter of functionality, but safety as well.

Steel garage door can weigh well over 100 pounds. That’s why you shouldn’t take any issue with them lightly. If the door falls down it can get damaged and damage your car in the process. But more importantly, it poses a danger to your family members. And while meddling around the garage door might not seem like a likely cause for it falling down, it is precisely what causes the most injuries by falling garage door.

You Might Use the Wrong Parts

Not all garage doors are built the same. They all have different parts that make them work properly. Therefore, all repairs require specific parts to ensure your garage door are as efficient and safe as you first bought them. A DIY repairman might not know this and use just any parts that might not be compatible with their garage door. As a result, they can make the issue worse or get hurt.