Should I Hire a Professional to Install My TV

Have you just purchased a brand new, 42-inch widescreen with surround sound and high definition capabilities? Are you unsure whether you should call a professional TV installation service to have it mounted on your wall? Choosing to mount the TV yourself can be challenging, and if you make a mistake and drop the unit, it could be catastrophic.

Why take the risk? Contact the pros and let them handle the situation.


One of the main reasons to hire a professional TV installation company is to ensure your new TV is placed in the right part of your room. They’ll know exactly where to place your unit, so everyone can comfortably enjoy watching the TV when sitting in the room. You must ensure that your TV is properly mounted to guarantee optimal viewing pleasure, an installation specialist will assess your room and decide which areas are the best to mount your TV so that everyone can watch the unit unobstructed. If you require a TV wall mount installation in Perth, there are numerous high-quality service teams available in the region.

Hide Unsightly Wiring

What is the point in investing in a beautiful new TV, only to have a dozen wires hanging out from the back making it looks untidy and unkept. You don’t want the TV surrounded by clutter, so the best solution is to hire a TV installation expert to take care of the whole process. They’ll know the best way to mount the TV while keeping all the additional connecting wires covered. If you think you won’t have many wires attached to your new unit, consider some of the devices which you may attach.

  • Games console
  • DVD player
  • Speakers
  • Laptop
  • Cable or satellite box
  • HDMI connections

Another important reason to hire a professional to cover up wires is to ensure that no young children can grab or pull them. You wouldn’t want anyone in your household to get hurt or damage expensive units.

Guarantee Correct Mounting

Correct mounting is not only important to guarantee that everyone in the room has a great view of the TV, it also ensures the unit doesn’t slip or fall off the brackets. A large TV is a heavy unit which could easily hurt a young child or even an adult, and if it isn’t installed properly, there is a good chance it could fall off the wall and injure somebody.

Specialist Recommendations

An indirect bonus of hiring a professional TV installation expert is you get to spend time speaking to them while they mount your TV. They’ll be able to offer you advice on some of the best equipment to compliment your new unit.

If you’ve spent a considerable amount of money on a brand-new TV, then why not pay that little bit extra and have an installation team mount the unit on your wall, you’ll avoid any accidents and at least you’ll know that your TV is safely secured to solid wall brackets.