Pros and Cons of Metal Outdoor Furniture

There are a number of benefits that are associated with metal outdoor furniture. However, it should be expected that naturally there will also be some disadvantages that come with a particular type. Here are just a few of the many positives and negatives about outdoor metal furniture.


The durability of metal happens to be one of the biggest advantages of metal outdoor furniture. Metal in general, is one the most durable materials available and it can go a long way in making furniture as well. So in other words, it can be considered a long term solution of sorts. This furniture doesn’t have to be replaced unless you’re thinking of an entirely different material.

Seeing that the metal is so strong, the condition of your outdoor furniture will be less of a worry when compared to other softer materials. With furniture made from metal, you can have it outside all year round without having to worry about cracking and splitting among other things. It’s actually a much easier choice to go with given the risks that come with other materials.

Cleaning and maintenance are also easier with metal outdoor furniture. For most circumstances, you may only need a damp warm rag to wipe the pieces down at least twice per month. There are cleaners that can be purchased that are made specifically for cleaning this type of furniture. However, if you rather do it yourself you can use a mild dishwashing liquid with warm water and wipe thoroughly.



Some drawbacks of metal outdoor furniture may include its weight and size. They can be heavy to move around if you need to change the look of your patio or just moving it to a different place. The exception to this drawback is if the metal is aluminum, which is actually a light metal.

The cost is also another setback for most, seeing that it is relatively more expensive that some of the other options. So if your budget is limited, opting for another type of material would be the most practical remedy.

Outdoor metal furniture is known for absorbing the temperature of its surroundings. This means if the sun is hot, the metal will absorb the heat and sitting in it could cause burns. The same concept is also applicable for cold weather.

Last but not least, there is the problem of rust control. When metal outdoor furniture Adelaide gets wet and dry frequently, there is a chance that rust will begin to develop on the metal’s surface. Monitoring your furniture is one way to ensure that you can get rid of rust before it gets to a bad stage. You can also utilize various cleaning agents on the market that help with rust prevention.