Professional Removal Tips on Packing to Move House

Packing is an essential part of moving. How well you pack your belongings determines how easily they will be transported and how smooth unpacking will be. It is the first and most essential step when you are moving house. Most people dread packing because it’s tiresome and need a removal companies Chelmsford to help, but, if it’s done well, then your move will be easy. Below are packing tips for moving house.

  1. Gather all The Essential Packing Supplies

Packing will be an easy task for you as long as you have the necessary requirements. Don’t just look for any old boxes in your garage. Ensure that you visit the nearby store and purchase the following;

  • Boxes of different size
  • Packing tape
  • Marker
  • Labels
  • Some old newspapers to wrap glass

These supplies will make your packing smoother.

  1. Pack Every Room Separately

Most people make the mistake of packing different items in one box. However, doing that will make unpacking a bit hard for you. Packing every room separately will organize your things properly. Ensure that when they are later being offloaded, every box goes to the designated room.

  1. Get Rid of Items that You Don’t Need

You will be shocked to find out the number of things that you really don’t need. These mostly include old items. To make packing less tiresome, you should hold a garage sale or give them out. Plus, this is an excellent opportunity for you to give souvenirs to your friends or neighbours.

  1. Pack At Least 30 Pounds per Box

Always pack lighter items in big boxes and heavy ones in small boxes. This will ensure smooth transportation and unpacking. Heavy boxes can cause injuries and in turn, make moving more tiresome. Packing at least 30 pounds per box will lessen the effort you will have to use when packing and moving.

  1. Make Sure There are No Spaces between Boxes

This is where old newspapers come in handy. Empty spaces create room for breakage especially for fragile items. Old newspapers will fill in these gaps and hold your property firmly.

  1. Don’t Forget to Label the Boxes

To avoid any confusion, make sure that you label the boxes accurately. Indicate those that have fragile items and also write down where each box should go to when unpacking. Use a permanent marker to ensure the label doesn’t fade off.

  1. Specialised Packing Boxes can be of Great Help

Some items such as electronics shouldn’t be carried in regular boxes. Therefore, purchasing a set of specialised packing boxes will ensure they are transported safely.

The above packing tips will ensure you move house as swiftly as possible. Avoid over packing of boxes and also pack a survival kit in one box. The survival kit will help you sustain yourself before you fully settle.

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