Power Washing and Pressure Washing: What Works Best?

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Power and pressure washing are two options available to help you ensure that your property stays clean and in top condition. Both techniques use high-pressure water, but power washing involves using hot water to keep your exterior spaces clean. While both options work well, you may want to opt for power washing when looking for a way to clean stadiums, parking garages, and other touch outdoor spaces. Pressure washing may still help in this case, which is why many people actually use the terms pressure washing and power washing interchangeably. This is not right though.

In case of power washing, a professional power washing company bedford in will use a pressurized stream of water, which is exactly the same in pressure washing. The only difference is heat, which makes power washing much more effective against tough dirt, salt, stains, and other debris from surfaces such as brick and concrete. Even when you take ‘pressure’ out of the equation and only use hot water to clean different surfaces, you will still get good results. Combine “pressure” and “heat”, and you get power washing, which is going to help you get rid of stubborn mildew, salt, and even weeds.

The thing is that both pressure washing and power washing techniques are effective, but what works best for you depend on your unique circumstances. You need to pay attention to how much pressure you need to produce to clean specific areas. If you are dealing with smaller areas like decks, driveways and other areas in your house, you may get good results from pressure washing. You just cannot get satisfactory results by using a pressure washer in larger areas, such as parking garages, stadiums, etc. Even when you have small cleaning job but it requires deep cleaning, you should still consider putting your money on power washing.

Overall, you should take your time to determine what type of cleaning job you have and then make a choice. Just keep in mind that even if you opt for power washing, you may not get good results if you do not hire the most experienced pressure washers in your area. It is no child’s play to handle a pressurized stream of hot water. You can easily hurt yourself while trying to use such machinery, but even a professional should have the experience to handle deep cleaning jobs properly.

Even if you decide to use your own skills, you may have a hard time selecting the right machine for pressure washing. Some machines are only designed to handle residential cleaning jobs. You may want to use them, but they may prove ineffective for the kind of cleaning job you have at your hands. Then, there are machines for light-commercial and professional cleaning jobs. While light commercial machines may work great for your cleaning jobs, only a professional should operate them. That is why it makes sense to let a professional take charge of things. So, do your research and make a right choice. click here to know more