Pipe Problems? Try These Home Remedies for Unclogging Drains First

Even though a clogged sink can be annoying, it is even more so when the problem disrupts your routine. You can unclog your drains at home before calling a plumbing company. These solutions, ranging from DIY tools to simple household products, offer an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to deal with stubborn blockages. In this article, we will discuss some tried-and-true home remedies that can be used to unclog your drains.

  1. Hot Water Flush

Hot water is one of the easiest and most successful home remedies for unclogging drains. Boiling water is poured down the drain slowly, in stages. Hot water helps dissolve any soap or grease causing the blockage and allows water to flow normally again. This method is most effective when dealing with minor clogs. It can be used as often as needed.

  1. Baking Soda with Vinegar

The classic DIY unclogging solution is to combine baking soda with vinegar. Pour a half cup of baking soap down the drain. Then, pour a full cup of vinegar. The mixture will fizz and bubble, helping to break down debris. Allow the mixture to rest in the drain for approximately 30 minutes. Next, use hot running water to flush the mixture. Repeat the process as needed to clear the drain.

  1. Salt and Baking Soda

Drains can be unclogged by using a combination of baking soda and sea salt. Pour the same amounts of baking soda and salt down the drain. Let it rest for several hours (or overnight), and then flush the drain with hot running water. The abrasiveness of baking soda and salt helps scrub away debris and buildup, cleaning the drain.

  1. Plunger

A plunger helps to clear stubborn clogs out of sinks, toilets, and tubs. For proper plunger use, there must be enough water in your sink or bathtub to cover the rubber plunger head. Place the suction cup over the drain. Press down firmly, then pull up rapidly to create the suction. Repeat the process many times until the clog becomes dislodged.

  1. Wire Hanger

If the clog is deeper in the pipe, a wire hook can be used as a tool to dislodge debris. Straighten a coat hanger wire and bend one of the ends into a tiny hook. Insert the hook into the drain. Pull out any debris or hair that is causing a clog. Avoid damaging the pipes by using caution when you use a wire hook.

  1. Wet-Dry Vacuum

When you use a wet/dry vacuum, it will unclog drains through suction. Set your vacuum to its wet setting, and then place the nozzle on top of the drain. Seal any gaps that may exist around the nozzle. Use a towel or cloth to seal the area. Then, turn the vacuum on to suction out the obstruction. This method is most effective when dealing with larger clogs.


A clogged drainage system can be a frustrating problem. Fortunately, there are many home remedies to help you unclog it. These home remedies can help you tackle stubborn blockages in an eco-friendly manner. These DIY methods help you clear the clog before you need to call a plumber. In the event that these DIY methods do not resolve the problem, or you continue to have drain problems, then it is time to seek professional assistance. You can maintain your drains for many, many years with patience and perseverance.