Minimalist Design Trends For Giving Your Home A New Look 

When you do home design bethesda md for the first time, it can feel overwhelming because there are so many things you want to include. Many people feel the urge to add everything they like and end up covering every wall and shelf with books, pictures, and whatnot.

However, too many decorative items can create clutter and make the place look unpleasant. Minimalist designs can help you create a restful place without appearing too overwhelming. A Philadelphia interior decorator can create the best minimalist interior for you. 

Minimalist design trends for giving your home a new look 

  • Try muted and light colors. 

One of the first things people notice about a Philadelphia home is the walls. If you want a minimalist interior, you need to pay attention to the walls. Keeping aside loud and bold colors like maroon, go for muted and monochrome palettes. These are the staples for a minimalistic home. Beiges, whites, neutral tones, and blacks will help you create a subtle interior yet unique. 

  • Tapered legs. 

When buying furniture, keep in mind that the shape of your tables can significantly impact the theme and style of your interior. After all, they are a part of your home as well. If you want a subtle look, buy furniture with tapered legs rather than bulky, heavy ones. They contain a certain minimal silhouette. This goes for chairs, desks, dining tables, and more. 

  • Add textures and organic materials. 

A subtle and minimalistic theme calls for things that give you warmth and a homey feeling. The best way to achieve that is by using varied textures in creative ways. Some items that can texture your interior include: 

  • Throw rugs
  • Throw pillows
  • Plush furniture 
  • Wall covered with textile 
  • Wall decor like macrame hangings

Organic materials like wicker and burlap are among the minimalist home trends and can add a touch of warmth to the most sterile places. 

  • Pick one pop of color. 

Minimalistic is about picking soft colors, but that does not mean you play with colors. You can choose a vibrant color and still land a minimalistic house. The key is to be strategic with the color you choose and how you manipulate it. For example, a brightly colored print in a beige room can catch people’s eyes and create an exciting yet simple space. 

  • Tight-back seating. 

It is time to say goodbye to fluffy cushions and say hello to tight-back accent chairs. These chairs contain sleek minimalism with clean lines that appear aesthetically pleasing. Many people do not buy them because they think they are uncomfortable, but that is not true. You can find various tight-back chairs that are as comfortable as cushioned chairs or maybe more.