Managing When you Need a Dishwasher Repair

It may be difficult to choose your favourite appliance in your kitchen.  The oven plays an important part in providing food on your table.  You can manage without it by using the microwave, a camping stove or simply eating cold food.  You may feel that the refrigerator is the most essential item, or, you may look at your dishwasher and wonder how you would manage if that were to break; especially if it was during a dinner party or the thanksgiving meal!

Unfortunately this is the scenario that happens for many people; it is at this time that you need to consider the best way of dealing with the pile of dirty dishes:

Fix It!

The ideal solution is to get if fixed before you need to use it.  This is certainly possible!  Same Day Appliance Repair is a Toronto based firm who offer a same day dishwasher repair service; in fact they offer this service for a wide range of appliances.  One phone call to them will establish the issue, your location and an approximate time the repair person will be with you.  It is even possible for this well established firm to provide you with an estimate of the cost of repairs over the phone.  Simply describe the symptoms of the fault and the brand of the appliance and they will assess the most likely dishwasher repair and the cost of completing this.

There are times when it is not possible to perform a dishwasher repair on the same day but this is rare and usually due to a lack of available parts as opposed to them being unable to fulfill their ability to call on you and assess the dishwasher repair needed.

Manually Wash Up!

You may not remember a time when you used to wash up by hand, however it is still an option when faced with dirty dishes and a repair that cannot be completed within the same day or even the next two or three days.  Washing up by hand is generally considered to be less effective and more time consuming than using a dishwasher.  However, if you are unable to have a dishwasher repair completed quickly enough then this may be the only viable alternative.

Paper Plates

A slightly more extreme option is to stop using your plates and cutlery and switch to paper products.  Of course, you will not be able to cook proper food on the stove but the paper plates will avoid the need to wash up; simply tidy up by sweeping them all into the rubbish bin!  This is not an environmentally friendly option but it can be a temporary solution!

Eat Out

Another option is to simply stop cooking and eating at home; you will then not need to use your dishwasher and can happily wait until your dishwasher repair is completed.  Of course, the cost of constantly eating out could quickly surpass the repair cost or even the cost of purchasing a new machine; which is another way of resolving the issue without needing a dishwasher repair!