Keep Your Home Pest-Free with Eco-Friendly Pesticides

Some households don’t only groan of occasional pest sightings; they are petrified by the swarms of bugs and other pests that have already infested their place.

Are Pests Taking Over Your Place?

It’s a full-blown infestation if there’s one loitering just about everywhere you look.

  • Spiders feed on other pests, like mosquitoes and roaches. If you see multiple spiders hanging around in other locations in the house, that means they’re looking for other pests to prey on. Spiders enter any opening they can find and enter the home quietly, and some are so small that you can barely see them.
  • Termites are known for preying on decaying matter, such as wood. You can see those gnawing wooden parts of your windowsill. Others chew on the home’s wooden beams underneath the concrete walls. Of the more than 45 species of termites, two of them may be actively devouring your home.
  • Fleas are so small and flattened, barely seen by the naked eye. If you own furry pets, there’s a larger chance that you may have fleas hidden in your carpets. Fleas can launch themselves onto human hosts as well.

Pest Control: A Repulsive yet Necessary Toil

To prevent your home from being a breeding ground of these pesky critters, you should call in experts pest control Logan to carry out an inspection and treatment for your home.

Getting rid of house pests is very bothersome and time-consuming. In this age of technological advancement and social media, who would have wanted to use her spare time for this nasty activity? Breaking down your 24 hours alone into different activities is hard enough. How much more in spending a huge chunk of your time locating, chasing and eliminating pests in your house.

No matter how tedious controlling the proliferation of pests and insects in your residence, still, you must annihilate or, at the very least, shoo them away.

Carriers of Fatal Diseases

These tiny animals can spread life-threatening microbes. In fact, one of their types – mosquitoes – are the deadliest animal family for humans. According to the blog of Bill Gates, these pesky insects are responsible for killing around 725,000 people yearly by injecting lethal viruses and bacteria into your bloodstream.

Meanwhile, Tsetse fly found in Africa and Assassin bug in many parts of the world both kill 10,000 people. This figure makes them share the second spot in the Gates’ list of most lethal pests to humans.

Meanwhile, some pests, such as termites, cause a different kind of problem. Instead of human these tiny critters are notorious for their insatiable appetite for wood and cellulose-based substances. If left unattended, these minute insects can cause your ceilings, doors and other timber parts of your home into shambles.

Hence, if you value the health of your household and yourself, you need to come up with solutions to beef up your pest control in your home. Maintaining a clean and clutter-free home is a way to minimise the spread of these irksome animals. Another proven method is to use pesticides.

Dangers of Chemical-Based Pesticides

Many commercially available pesticides are effective in eradicating pests. You can buy rat poisons; mosquito spray killers, termiticides and other chemicals for pest extermination.

Whilst they are effective, they have one major problem: they can also put human lives and the environment at risk. Most of them contain toxic substances. In fact, some people use them to kill themselves.

Natural Alternatives to Pesticides

The good news is, there are natural, eco-friendly alternatives to chemical pesticides. Try these natural remedies if you’re wary of using chemical insecticides for extermination. These remedies are easy to make and won’t take you more than a few minutes to mix.

  • Make an apple cider vinegar spray diluted with water and directly sprays it on flies.
  • You may use the ACV spray to kill roaches and spiders in an instant as well.
  • You can sprinkle ground salt in your carpets and let it sit for 24 hours before vacuuming to completely kill off fleas.
  • Leave mint or eucalyptus leaves in your pantry drawers and around the kitchen table to ward off roaches and mites.
  • Leave freshly-made mashed potatoes in the corners where you most likely see rodents.
  • The smell of white onion peelings drives mice away. Leave fresh peelings on high places where they can’t reach it.

Enlisting the Help of Professionals

In cases when there is a full-blown infestation, no DIY method, not even pesticides, is enough. You need to hire a professional termite control service provider that can help you get rid of pests using specialised machinery and cleaning agents that are mostly eco-friendly. Your home will undergo a thorough checking and be observed for cockroach control, spider control and rodent control, among many others.

No matter how costly and time-consuming, pest control is a responsibility of homeowners. Thanks to the discovery of eco-friendly materials, you can eliminate these tiny animals in your home without endangering the health of your household and the environment.

Author: Carrie Sze