How to Protect Your Home While You Are On Vacation

How to protect your home while you are on vacation

Traveling anywhere means leaving your home completely empty for a few days. This is a perfect time for burglars to break into your home and take what they need. This is a thing that happens to a lot of people who travel. Especially if they travel often for business trips. That is why you need to protect your home while you are on vacation. Luckily there are many ways to do just that. We are here to tell you all about them.

A home monitoring system is made to protect your home

This might seem like a big investment but a home monitoring system is the best thing if you want to protect your home while on vacation. This works great for all occasions when you are not at home. There are many kinds of home monitoring systems. There are modern ones that you can control over your phone, even move the camera angle how you like it. Some cameras even have night mode so you can see even when it’s pitch black inside. This technology is evolving as more and more people want to secure their homes this way. This can be considered to be the best way to keep your home safe while you aren’t there physically.

Ask a family member or a friend to spend some time in your home while you are away

Asking a family member or a friend to spend some time in your home while you are away is another great way to make sure your home is safe. This way, if anyone is plotting to rob your home, they will notice that there are people coming and going even when you are away. This reduces the chances of your home getting broken into. The person that you decide should come to your house also has to take his ‘job’ seriously. They have to be consistent and come around every day, for at least a few minutes. If you live in a safe neighborhood, once in two days is more than enough. That person should open up windows, turn on the TV a little, water the flowers and the garden if you have one, pick up the mail, etc. Everything to make it seem like someone is at home.

girl at home

Ask someone to spend some time in your home while you are away

Neighbors can be helpful too

As soon as you hire Capital City Movers NYC and start packing for your move, you should also start planning how you will meet your neighbors. Your neighbors can and should be your friends too. If you don’t have someone who will stop by your place every day it’s good to at least have a neighbor that you can trust. This neighbor can keep you updated and check up on your apartment one in a while. If you trust your neighbor enough, you could give them the key while you are away.

Make your apartment seem like there are people inside even if there aren’t 

So, if you don’t have anyone to visit your home while you are away, there are ways that you can make your apartment seem like there is still someone in the house. The best thing you can do is get a radio and leave the radio playing inside while you are away. This gives a perfect illusion that someone is inside. Make sure you leave a small light on somewhere in your home. This also does the trick. Place some pillows on the couch and cover them with a blanket. It might sound crazy but it gets the job done well. For some extra illusion, you can leave some dishes on the table and in the sink. Basically, the point is to stage your home to look like you are still there.


Stage your home so it looks like you are still there

Remove all valuable stuff from your home

This is a very extra step to make but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can keep your belongings in a safe storage facility while you are away. Certain things like laptops, cameras, TVs, etc. More valuable things like jewelry and certain documents should always be kept in a safe.

Disconnect your garage door

Everyone and their grandma knows that technology can be hacked. Well, garage doors are very easy to hack. So if you happen to have them, it’s good to disengage your garage door opener. Sometimes they don’t even have to hack it, they can just simply use the universal remote control and they’re in.

Sensor light around the house

Motion-sensor flood lights are a real thing that can actually help you detect when someone is sneaking around your home. They are also usually equipped with technology to have them turn off and on at certain times of the day. You could leave them off during the day and on during the night.

radio thief breaking in

Motion sensors can be very helpful

Stay silent on social media

Last but not least, showing on social media that you are away from home can attract burglars. Especially if you show off too much the luxurious things in your life. This works like a magnet for burglars.

Keep the home maintenance regular


If you are someone who has a gardener coming every week or two, a pool boy, a maid, tell them to come even when you are not there. This also gives the appearance that you are still at home. But make sure that the people you hire are reliable and trustworthy. If not, you might get yourself into trouble. That’s why it is always best to hire someone that you know is a good person.