How To Prevent Ants From Infesting Your Home

Ant (homicide) is a term applied to insect pests such as ants, termites, and moths that cause many deaths each year. These creatures are one of the most vital sources of food supply for other organisms in the environment. They consume more than a third of all agricultural food supply and be a valuable food source. Ant killed by humans is often used as a source of household waste or left as a hazard.

These insects belong to the phylum Orthoptera, SSA class that includes some common animals on Earth. The scientific name for ants is Systemllochordon, from which the family name, Ant, is derived. They are among the most accessible insects to identify, thanks mainly to their uniform size and unique habits.

They are sometimes known by other names such as white ants, cave ants, grain-layers, and ants of the rocks. The distinctive feature of their body is that it generally has two stomachs.

All members of the family Acrostomata are found in nature. They build elaborate nests, called a colony, where they produce a queen with eggs and workers who help her raise the young. Although these bugs are reproductions of the same species, ants of the order Orthoptera differ mainly in the number of reproductive worker caste they possess. The type of uterus they have and how the colony is constructed and moved from place to place. Usually, each caste has only one queen to raise the young.

Ants can become an inconvenience at home. Numerous people are not that keen to see them within the premises of their humble abode—most preferably in their kitchen. Nonetheless, they play a significant role in the environment. Since ants build their nests underground, they help oxygenate the soil and make it nutrient-rich for plants to grow. 

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How to Prevent Ants from Infesting Your Kitchen