How to Get Rid of Rats

If you find that your home or business premises has taken on a new role as a rodent maternity wing or housing area, please call in pest control experts. A rat infestation is one of the most frightening and intimidating experiences that some people can have. It soothes humans very little to learn that the chitter-chattering and bulging eyes are rats displaying their happiness.shower

Rats aren’t famed for being cute, adorable and fluffy so non-rat fans are prone to scream and run away when they see one and they certainly don’t want to share building space with them.


How to get rid of rats will become a priority if they are scurrying about, ransacking cupboards, gnawing wood and leaving little poopy messages around the property. DIY control methods aren’t as effective as they once were. That’s why professional, licensed and experienced pest controllers are vital. Their methods and training make the battle more successful for the humans.

Rat infestations and evolution

Berkshire pest control experts can tell you that there are approximately 15 million rats in the UK and some of these have evolved in to super-rats. These next generation rat infestations contain rats who can eat poisons like warfarin without experiencing ill effects. The tempting poison makes for a very satisfying meal, it’s a wonder they don’t trundle up to you and ask for another helping!  

Rats aren’t daft

Rats are highly intelligent and they have excellent memories. They don’t fall for the tricks they may once have done. It’s imperative that the Berkshire pest control treatment specialist thinks like a rat. Knowing how to get rid of rats takes a measure of persistence, innovation and cunning.

Berkshire pest controllers appreciate that rat infestations don’t vanish overnight, it’s a succession of small battles and restructuring of techniques and positioning of poisons.

Don’t handle dead rats

Please avoid handling dead rats. Leave this for professionals like Pest Control Berkshire’s specialists, it is the best policy. If you must remove them, wear a protective mask and gloves and comprehensively disinfect the affected area. Ensure that you are totally clean too.

There are rodent borne diseases which are extremely good reasons to hand rat infestation removal over to qualified experts.


This is the cause of salmonella poisoning and rats carry the bacteria. They tend to bear it after being close to farm animals excretions. Poor human hygiene levels allow the bacteria to spread to hands and then food.


The bacteria called Francisella tularensis can be carried by rats and it falls in the same category as Listeria and Legionella.

Swollen lymph glands, mouth ulcers, tonsillitis, breathing issues, coughs, chest infections and eye inflammations are common horrible symptoms, dependent on the way the Tularemia entered the system.  

Learning how to get rid of rats shouldn’t entail a death wish so don’t take any risks. Berkshire pest control specialists are worth every penny.

Don’t fight a rat infestation as a novice, experts exist for a reason. Please contact them today.

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