How to Choose the Right Bobcat Utility Vehicle

When you need to buy a fantastic new utility vehicle, you can look no further than Bobcat. However, there are many models and sizes available and you need to know which options suit your needs before you make a specific choice. MTS Plant Hire & Sales can offer you a wide range of vehicles, from road legal models to lightweight options perfect for a golf course. Whatever you need, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you can find a vehicle capable of fitting inside your budget. To start your search on the right foot, be sure to consider what you need and how a utility vehicle can help you get the job done.


First and foremost, what do you want to do with your vehicle? For example, you may own a large piece of property with many areas to maintain and a number of heavy pieces of equipment to move. You would then need a larger option capable of handling the weight of your equipment without too much trouble.

Any decision must be made with a real focus on what the vehicle can actually do for you. Bobcat sales are on right now at MTS Plant Hire & Sales and you can look forward to exceptionally cost-effective options. That said, you must utilise the application as your starting point and from there, you can develop a list of minimum requirements. These include the payload, transmission capabilities, ground clearance, engine power, and comfort requirements. Keep in mind that you can purchase separate accessories to make a model that is exactly what you need.

What to Ask

Consider how many people carried by the vehicle at any one time, and you need to know the type of ground commonly traversed during use. It is also a great idea to learn how far you would travel in a day and how long a working day might be on average. Finally, be sure to account for the maximum weight it would carry, how large the cargo box must be on the vehicle, and whether it will be used to tow a trailer. Understanding the answers to each of these questions should allow you to dramatically reduce your search criteria and pinpoint the perfect utility vehicle for your needs.

Cost-Effective Options

If all you need to do is drive a couple people and some lightweight equipment from one point to another, such as at a golf course, you might consider the golf cart. These are the most cost-effective and popular options on the list and they are often bought in number by golf courses across the country. These and other lightweight options are great for gated communities such as apartment complexes and retirement communities. When you need to increase employee productivity and efficiency, these may yet be your best option. The cost-effective nature and long lifespan of these vehicles should allow you to make a one-time investment to cover the next seven or more years, depending on how well you maintain the vehicle. By asking the right questions and limiting your choices to your unique needs, you should be able to find a vehicle capable of meeting your requirements without breaking budget.