How Is Creative and Rustic Furniture Made from Wine Barrel?    

As we all know, wine barrels are used for storing and aging wines. Those barrels are dumped once the wine is sold. Just like that aged wine in the barrel, the barrel oak will pass the test of time. The barrel oaks are a malleable wood, which could be helpful in creating some rusty beautiful styled furniture.

So, if you want to design your home and garden with the latest trend in furniture world, we recommend going for the wine barrel furniture. Barrel furniture have become quite popular in the furniture market.

The owners of Hungarian workshop are following this trend from decades. They’re giving new life to these Oak barrels. They are experts in the art of making exquisite and unique furniture from Barrels. Visit the website and see by yourself a huge collection of furniture, home decor accessories, Panels Ottomans, etc all made by carving the aged barrel wood.

Why should you go for Wine Barrel?

  • Unlike other crafts, constructing barrel requires very simple things. If you’re constructing by yourself, you can easily find these things.
  • They have long life.
  • They are handmade. Once the barrel staves are perfectly crafted, you can have a natural beauty for your home decor.
  • Turn them into whatever you want? A cabinet maker, table anything.

What so special about their Wine Barrel furniture?

  • Wine barrels possess perfect shape and curvature. You can transform them into a deck chair or rocking chair or a love seat with little effort. How about relaxing on a deck chair in your backyard after a hectic day?
  • These chairs are made from barrel staves. The staves are bent by keeping your comfort position in mind. Enjoy watching sunset sitting on a vintage, rustic rocking chair. We bet, your neighbors are murmuring!
  • Coffee lovers can go for a coffee table that uses wine barrel for the bottom and top is made of barrel lid.
  • Coffee table is not the only name in the list. You get a wide collection of tables, Bistro table, barrel table etc.

How are they manufactured?

French Oak barrels and stainless steel together are well crafted in order to make some interesting and intriguing pieces of furniture.

  • The craftsmen strive hard to give a proper shape to the barrel staves. They are cleaned to remove all the impurities, sanded and well polished until it shines out its natural beauty.
  • Proper checks are made on staves to ensure that they will prove to be long-time-go product. The procedure makes it almost impossible to escape any manufacturing defect from their eye.
  • Finally, texture and finishing is given to each piece in order to get a rusty aged look.
  • Each and every component of barrel is recycled and reused in making furniture. Nothing goes to thrash.
  • They are well hand crafted by irreplaceable, highly experienced artisans. They adore a premium, unique, a definitive shape to each barrel to give you the best quality furniture for your home.

It’s handy and looks exclusively stylish. Get all what you want. Benches, tables, chairs, stool – whatever you like!

Author’s Bio:

Robert Wolf has written this article. For exclusive barrel furniture, you could visit Hungarian Workshop website. They discounts to their loyal customers. You could also check out the design previews on their site. It’s located in Las Vegas, but takes both local and international orders.