How Fencing Helps Reality and Home Value

Home improvements can greatly increase the value of your home.  This goes a long way when you’re considering selling your home.  With all the available homes on the market for sale, you need to make your home more appealing than the competition.  This typically means spending a little more now to add special stand-out features that increase marketability.  When considering adding a fence to your property, keep in mind, the type of fence is what determines the additional value to your home.  A chain-link fence is cost-effective to purchase and install, but it’s not really going to add much value upon resale.  Be sure to consider the worth your fence can add to your home before choosing material and installing.

Privacy fences.

Privacy fences are on average, about 4-9 feet tall and they greatly increase your property value.  Many buyers love the idea of privacy within their yard.  Being able to entertain, have fun with the family, and not be watched by passersby is a great sidewalk appeal to potential buyers.  Those with children and/or pets appreciate both the privacy aspect as well as the added security.  With privacy fences being on the taller side, there is also an opportunity to make this an aesthetic piece.  You can paint and decorate it to increase your property value when ready for resale.

Material and fence maintenance.

As touched upon before, the material is important when determining the value a fence can add to your home.  Evergreen Fence & Deck explains opting for something basic like a chain-link fence, while inexpensive, won’t add any value to your home, as it is not at all aesthetically pleasing or special.  Using materials such as vinyl or wood are better options that last over time and are very versatile in look.  Wood is great because you can really play with the shape, the look, colors, etc.  Think about the money that you will be recouped later on if you spend a little more now on a good and sturdy fence.  Make sure to be wary of maintenance so that your fence will continue looking new throughout its lifetime.  Installing a proper fence without doing the required and timely maintenance would be worthless, so make sure whatever type of fence you choose, you’re willing and able to keep it looking new.

Opt for professional installation. 

While it may be an additional cost when compared to personal installation, choosing to go professional will be worthwhile in the long run.  When fences are installed with a certain level of quality, the fence tends to stand up well over time and it will withstand the elements over time as well.  Professionally installed fences will hold quality over time and increase the value of the home when you decide to sell.  The overall price paid for installation will pale in comparison to the resale value of your property.

You may be very well capable of installing sound proof fencing on your own, but it might lack a certain level of quality that will impact how well it holds up over time.  With potential weathering, you might end up having to invest more when you’re ready to sell so that you won’t be actively decreasing the value of your house by having a lacking fence.


We talked about how a privacy fence increases value to your home because you have an added level of keeping passersby from seeing into your property, but other fences also offer security as well.  A fence creates a border that clearly dictates your property lines.  This clearly makes clear that anything beyond your fence is your personal property and trespassers can be prosecuted in many states.  Parents especially love the idea of having a fence around their property to keep their children inside and safe from wandering into the street.

Well-kept fencing columbus oh is a great investment to your home.  Keep in mind, there are so many homes for sale.  Everyone is looking for something special.  Sprucing up your home with a fence will be great for you and your family while you are occupants and offer you increased property value when you are ready to move on.