Home Safety & Security Tips: Insights from Professional Inspectors

Home safety and security are universal concerns, transcending geographical boundaries. Yet, the experience of professional inspectors, including those from companies like The Calgary Home Inspector Corp. who specialize in regions such as Calgary, Alberta, offers valuable, broad-reaching advice. These experts provide critical insights into making homes safer and more secure, drawing on extensive experience across various environments. Here’s an in-depth look at universally applicable strategies, with subtle nods to specific regional expertise.

Secure the Perimeter

Lighting is Key: Effective outdoor lighting deters potential intruders. Motion-sensor lights around a home’s exterior, especially near entry points, can provide security across all seasons, an approach endorsed by safety experts worldwide, including those familiar with the extended hours of darkness in certain regions.

Locks and Deadbolts: Ensuring doors have sturdy locks, supplemented by deadbolts, is essential for home security. This basic yet critical measure is recommended by professionals in any locale, proving its universal value in home protection strategies.

Landscape with Security in Mind: Strategic landscaping can enhance a home’s security while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Professional inspectors often suggest keeping greenery trimmed and utilizing natural deterrents, advice that holds true in any setting.

Fire Safety Measures

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: The installation and regular testing of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are pivotal in ensuring home safety. This universal recommendation by safety experts, including those operating in colder climates where homes are sealed against the elements, underscores the importance of these devices.

Fire Extinguishers: Accessibility to fire extinguishers in key home areas is a universally acknowledged safety tip. Inspectors emphasize the importance of familiarity with their operation, a crucial aspect of preparedness in emergencies.

Regular Inspection of Heating Systems: Annual inspections of heating systems, including any fireplaces, are advised to prevent fire hazards. This preventive measure is especially highlighted by inspectors in areas experiencing harsh winters, underscoring its relevance across various climates.

Preventing Accidents and Injuries

Anti-Slip Measures: The implementation of anti-slip mats and securing rugs with non-slip pads are essential steps in preventing falls, a common home injury. These measures are widely recommended for maintaining safety in homes, regardless of location.

Safe Storage of Hazardous Materials: Keeping potentially dangerous materials out of reach of children and pets is a universally endorsed safety practice. Inspectors emphasize the importance of secure storage solutions to mitigate risks.

Electrical Safety: Regular checks for wear or damage on electrical cords and ensuring outlets are not overloaded are critical electrical safety tips. Such precautions are advocated by safety professionals globally to prevent accidents and fires.

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

Ventilation: Maintaining good indoor air quality through effective ventilation is a key health measure. This strategy is supported by inspectors in all areas, highlighting the universal need for homes to have clean, fresh air circulating.

Mold Prevention: Addressing moisture issues promptly to prevent mold growth is crucial for maintaining a healthy home environment. This advice, while applicable everywhere, is particularly stressed in regions with variable humidity levels.

Childproofing for Family Safety

Secure Heavy Furniture and Appliances: Anchoring heavy items to prevent tipping is a critical safety measure for homes with young children. This widely applicable advice reflects the universal concern for preventing accidents in living spaces.

Safety Gates and Outlet Covers: Installing safety gates at staircases and covering electrical outlets are basic childproofing steps recommended by home safety experts. Such measures are essential in homes everywhere, ensuring young inhabitants are protected from common hazards.


For homeowners seeking to enhance their property’s safety and security, consulting with professional inspectors offers invaluable insights. While The Calgary Home Inspector Corp. specializes in the Calgary, Alberta region, their broad-reaching advice underscores the importance of proactive measures in maintaining a safe and secure home. These broad-reaching strategies, informed by local insights, ensure homeowners everywhere can create safer, more secure living environments for their families.