Home Décor Ideas for Making Your Bedroom Vibrant and Livelier

If you are shifting into a new home, then you might have given some thought to your home décor. Choosing furniture, carpets, curtains, bedsheets and more is a daunting task.

Choosing Bedsheets and Quilts for the Bedroom

No bedroom is complete without a bed. Many people tend to spend a bomb on their mattress and then purchase different items to accessorize them. If you are on a tight budget, then you can look for bedcovers and pillowcases made from different material. Depending on the colour of your room, you can even have a mix and match of different combination of bedcovers, cushions and pillowcases.

Cushions too can be used for your living space. If you search online, you might come across many types of cushion covers that can match the dynamics of your room. Quilts are the perfect choice for stay cosy and warm during winters. You might need to purchase quilts based on your mattress size. A general rule of thumb here would be purchase quilts bigger than your mattress size.

Quilts need to be washed at regular intervals. If you are allergic to dusting, then you can purchase quilt covers online. These too are available in different styles and patterns.

Floor Décor Ideas for Your Bedroom

When you are thinking about decorating your bed, then how can you leave your bedroom floors bare? If you have a large bedroom, then you can purchase colourful rugs and mats and place them on the floor of your rooms.

You can even purchase colourful and vibrant mats and place them in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room doors. If you have a table in your bedroom, you can even use colourful table mats to enhance the look.

Additional Accessories for the Bedroom

When you are done with decorating the main items in your bedroom, then you can think about accessorizing with other items of your choice. Some of the popular ones being:

  • Carved wooden jewellery boxes
  • Handcrafted or embroidered umbrellas
  • Wind chimes at the door or windows


The main intention behind having a colourful and vibrant bedroom is to bring about a positive atmosphere. This can be your secret getaway when you feel stressed or worn out.