Here’s how you can accent your Cherner counter stool

The design of the Cherner counter stool is highly pragmatic and minimal – but not at the cost of trendiness. However, it is simple enough that it may need a bit of accenting when it is placed in your kitchens. So, if you’re looking for some creative ways to spruce up the whole look, then we’ve compiled a list of some great ideas for you to pick from. Let’s take a look:

  1. A contrasting theme

As you know, the Cherner counter stool is an advent of the midcentury modern era, so its overall aesthetic is highly neat, sleek, and cleanly envisioned. So, you can use it as a contrast piece of itself in a kitchen that has been designed based on the neo-classical theme. Surrounded by the decadence of this style, the modern design of the Cherner stool would make a brilliant addition to the whole space. It’s automatic accenting at its best.

  1. Material complements


Material contrast is one of the best ways that you can accentuate your Cherner counter stool. Typically, homeowners pay very little attention to the contrast between the bar stool finish and the countertop surface. But that’s exactly what you need to focus on when you want to create textural contrast through materials. The alternating wood and white theme that has been emulated through the creative use of surfaces in this image is exactly the kind of example that you should take inspiration from.

  1. Stark color contrast


The distinct shape and style of the Cherner counter stool are extremely attractive, but how you accent them also depends on what’s in the background. For example, the rust hue of the stool seat in this image is extremely eye-catching. However, it would never have looked the same without the starkness of the white countertop that acts as its backdrop. Furthermore, the green and red of the floral arrangement on the counter is just the cherry on top!

  1. Pendent light all the way


Lighting is another excellent way to accent your Cherner counter stool. Pendent lights have become a trendy fixture that’s usually installed right above the bar top surface. The number of lights generally coincides with the number of stools at the bar. You can take this design parallel to a whole new level by choosing the fixture styles that contrast with the overall aesthetic of the stools – just like the ones in this image.

  1. All-rounder

Lastly, you can drum up the drama of your Cherner counter stool by using all manner of accenting at the same time. You can use color contrast, material contrast, lighting contrast, and accessorizing to create a beautiful and eclectic space that will blow you away with its stylish visualization. The navy blue and marble kitchen space featured in this image is the perfect inspiration for those of you who want to try.

Accenting is a wide genre so there’s still a lot more that you can explore. However, we hope that some of these ideas open the floodgates of your own.