Get your heating systems inspected before winters: A homeowner’s guide!

Just like you would get your air conditioners checked before peak summer months, heating systems also need attention before fall & winter. Homeowners, unfortunately, miss out on preventive maintenance, which can eventually lead to performance issues when one expects the least.  Ideally, you should call an HVAC contractor like B.Air for an inspection cum servicing appointment, preferably a couple of weeks before the peak season.

What to expect from indoor unit inspection?

First and foremost, do not try and do an indoor unit inspection on your own. While some of the tell-a-tale signs of problems related to heating systems are evident, others need a professional check. The first step is to check the air filters. In some cases, just basic cleanup is enough, but if needed, get the air filters replaced. Next, all electrical wires should be checked for, and the blower motor& bearings must be oiled, if required. Other components, such as the indoor coil & drain pan must be inspected and cleaned. Ask the workers to also check the drain line, auxiliary strip heat, and other electric elements.

What to expect from outdoor unit inspection?

Outdoor unit maintenance is as important. The foremost task is to check the base pan of the condensing unit, and in most cases, there will be some debris that must be cleaned. Wiring collections of the outdoor unit must be checked for, and if there are any issues with the electrical elements, the same have to be repaired. The condensing fan may need some oiling and all sensors have to be checked individually.

Other things that need attention

When the repairmen of the HVAC company come to your home for yearly repairs and servicing, ask them to also check the thermostat for possible connection issues, if any. All duct work must be also checked, and the workers should actually operate the heating system for at least a few minutes to find performance problems, if any.

How much does preventive maintenance cost?

Most HVAC companies will be more than willing to offer an estimate for preventive maintenance, but do ask in advance. In any case, cost of regular servicing and preventive maintenance is much lesser than what you would pay otherwise for immediate repairs or replacing a component in the middle of the winter season.

Get your heating systems checked in time to prevent unwanted & expensive repairs later. Find an HVAC contractor right away.