Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Power System

Majority of the energy is generated from fossil fuels. Although it helps a lot, it’s not good for the environment. If you want to enjoy energy the environment-friendly way, it’s time that you get to know more about solar power. Here are the frequently asked questions about solar power.

How does solar power work?
Solar panels harness energy from the sun. The solar panels are connected to an inverter. It’s the job of the inverter to convert the DC electricity from the solar panels into 240 volts AC electricity, which can be utilized by different devices and household electronics.

Why consider solar?
Many people consider solar because they want to save on energy bills. There are others that consider it because it costs a lot to run a line to their house.

Do you need solar batteries?
When your grid goes down, a solar battery will still provide power. Aside from that, a battery can also supply enough power that can last through the night. This means that you will still have energy even when the sun sets.

What will happen if it’s a cloudy day?
You must know that there is still solar energy that will reach your panels even on a cloudy day. However, it will not operate at its optimum level. If you want to make up the deficit during cloudy days, a solar battery can help.

How will you know how much power you need?
It’s crucial to determine how much electricity you use and when you use it. This way, the installer can measure the accurate size of your system for optimum savings. You can check your electricity bill for consumption. You can also consider an energy monitor to help you gather data before getting a quote.

What are the different types of grid systems?
It can be a grid-tied or off-grid system. A grid-tied system has solar panels that can connect through your home via the local energy grid. In this system, your bill will go through the “net metering.” The company will then offset your power bill.

Off-grid system, on the other hand, features a separate connection from the energy grid. It creates power through the panels then stores the energy in a solar battery. The right size of a battery should provide enough energy for several days.

Where to purchase a solar system?
Whether you consider grid or off-grid solar systems, it’s crucial that you choose high-quality or premium materials so it can last a long time. There are many solar companies you can consider but with thorough research, you can narrow down the best one according to your needs.

As soon as you identify the right company, you can contact them directly and brief your situation. It’s crucial that you have professional installers to maximize your solar power system. If you’re not ready to get started with a whole house solar system, you can always consider a small-scale solar power system.

At the end of the day, a solar power system will allow you to save money. In some places, they ask for a payback period before totaling committing. Whatever you decide, make sure that you use premium materials for optimum benefits.