Follow The Guidance For Choosing The Right Electrical Wire

In today’s modern world, the various electrical wires are designed according to satisfy your needs. The wires and cables are responsible for transmitting the electricity throughout the home. In an electric system, the power cables are considered as the basic components. The selection of the cable types completely depends upon your needs. Make sure, you have selected a good electric wire to pass the electricity in your home. Nowadays, varieties of options are available in the market, choosing the right one is somewhat difficult. Let see how to choose an apt electric wire for your home and office purpose.

  • Materials:

Before going to begin work in electrical wires, make sure the power switch is off. Generally, the electrical wires are manufactured using aluminum and copper. You have to prefer the copper electrical wire while working in a home. Instead of using the single strand wires, better you have to choose the multiple strands. The ISI mark should be present in the electric wire, which is the indication of good quality. The electrolyte grade should be 99.97% in the copper wires.

  • Wire Insulation Color:

While using the three phases, you have to prefer the color like yellow, blue and red. Have to choose the black and green color wires for neutral and earth.  A variety of color codes are available in electrical wires, it will be varied for each country.

  • Amp Rating:

While working with the electrical devices and wires, you need to check the amp or amperage rating. Initially, you have to check the appropriate rating of all the circuits, if you are going to changing or installing the wires.

  • Wire Size:

The most commonly used sizes in electrical wires are 2 sq. mm, 2.5 sq. mm, 1 sq mm, 1.5 sq mm and 4 sq mm. these size of wires are used for performing various operations. The 4 to 6 sq mm size wires are used for AC points, 2.5 sq mm size wires are used for the power sockets connection, 1.5 sq mm size wires are used for the light points.

  • Grounding Wires:

In case, the extra electric current is passed through the electric wires, the grounding will provide you a safe path and protect you from the various issues. Before going to work with the wiring system, you must have a clear understanding of the grounding.

  • Clamps and Boxes:

You have to make sure, whether all the wire connections are properly fitted in the clamps or electrical wires. The proper connections will protect you from various issues.

  • Insulated Wire:

Three types of layers are present in a good electric wire. The first layer is used as a water resistant, the second layer is used as a high temperature and heat resistant and the third layer is used as fire resistant. The wire with a mark of HRFR is the indication of fire and heat resistant.

Make use of this information, if you are looking for the right electrical wire. These are all the important things you need to be considered while choosing the electrical wire.