Estimating the Cost of Tree Removal

Tree removal is one of the essential tasks to do whenever any tree poses a threat to property and people. So, it is always advisable to get an estimate of the tree removal, before you call for professional tree removal services. Without estimating the cost of the tree trimming Toronto service, it may prove costly and out of the budget sometimes. The general cost of tree removal ranges from $150 to $1500, but other services cost extra. Price also increases as per the complexity of the tree removal.

Factors that determine the cost of a tree:

Dimensions of the tree: Height and width are the two main deciding factors for determining the cost of the tree.  More the height of the tree, more costly will be its removal service. Similarly, more the width, more difficult and time consuming will be the tree removal.

The complexity of the job: Complexity increases the cost of tree removal. The tree removal service in such circumstances requires more precision and accuracy.

Location:  If the tree is located in far off places, then the transportation charges will be charged extra.

Proximity: Farness of the tree from the property decides the cost of the tree removal service. Tree removal should not cause any damage to the property. If the tree is very near to the house, then it will be charged more.

Condition of the tree: Price also depends on the condition of the tree. Worse the condition, more costly will be its removal.

Cost range of the tree removal as per height:

Height of the treeCost Range


Up to 25 feet$150 – $500


25  – 75 feet$200- 1000


More than 75 feet$1500 or more


What is included in the cost?

Many levels of tree trimming Toronto services are available. Typically, the cost of tree removal includes the services like climbing of the tree by the contractor, chopping down the tree, roping down into pieces and cutting into manageable pieces.

Additional services that charge extra:

Following services are not included in the initial estimate and they charge extra:

1)    Stump removal: Stump removal requires different equipment and is usually done by the contractor. Therefore, this requires an extra cost. The cost ranges from $60- 350 depending upon the diameter of the stump and the health of the tree.

2)    Limb chipping: Limb chipping can be done at a price of $75.

3)    Tree trunk removal: Complete hauling of the tree costs between $50-100.

4)    Travel cost: In the case of a remote location job, the extra charges of travel and driving are included.

5)    Log splitting for fireplaces: You can ask to split the logs so as to use them in fireplaces. This can be done at $75 approximately.

6) Removing huge trees: This service requires a crane to lift them and cost around $10000.