Do You Need A Permit To Build A Pool?

Today, a large number of homeowners prefer to have a swimming pool in their yard. As well as being functional, this handy addition enhances the overall look of your place. However, building a pool involves enough time and legwork. Plus, you need adequate money to finish the project on time. On top of that, you should be aware of statutory requirements. Any miss-outs on your end can invite fines and penalties. At this point, you may wonder – do you need a permit to build a pool? Let’s find out before taking up the project.

Do you need a permit to build a pool?

Most cities require a permit for new pool construction. It is advised to contact your local municipal authorities for fees and guidelines. If you fail to do so, relevant authorities may stop the construction work. Not just that, they might penalize you for non-compliance. It’s best to find out the regulations concerning pool building. That should save time and hassles later on. Here are important points you should research before building a pool in your area.

Find out about local permits

Your municipal corporation will require some kind of permit for building a swimming pool. Some corporations require a residential building permit, whereas others ask for an electrical permit. Reach out to local town or city authorities to find out the type of permit you need.

Contact your Homeowner’s Association if possible

Some Homeowner’s Associations don’t allow pools in backyards. On the other hand, most Homeowner’s Associations allow residents to build a pool. No matter the situation, the homeowner is required to submit the plan for approval before starting the construction work. So, reach out to the association to determine what you can do and what you can’t.

Check ordinances

There are different regulations for hot tubs and pools depending on your locality. For instance, most local ordinances require quiet pool pumps that stay below a given noise level. Then other ordinances may have strict requirements outlining the minimum distance to build a pool from buildings.

Consider safety

Municipal corporations dictate rules on how to make swimming pools safer. Some corporations require a barrier of a particular height around the pool. Then some corporations have regulations that allow for certain sized objects to pass through the openings in the barrier. Go through the safety rules before considering the design aspect of your project.

Get inspected

Once you build the pool, you’ll need an inspection for safety purposes. You must not miss this vital part. There are many factors for different parts of a swimming pool such as electrical, structure, and plumbing. Most of these inspectors are occupied during the building season. So, schedule an inspection well in advance.

Finishing words

A lovely pool can do wonders for you. However, seeking permission from relevant authorities is essential. Failure to do so can land you in legal problems. So, find out whether you need a permit for pool building. Reach out to local authorities and contact a reliable pool builder, like this pool contractor Watkinsville option in your area. With relevant information, you can avoid possible issues and build a lovely pool of your dreams.