Do You Know Few Tips for Building Foundation on Sand?

If you are planning to construct building on sandy soil then it can be a challenging task. There can be number of problems and particularly those who live in coastal areas of the USA have to face this problem.

Following are few tips that have been provided by TC Tippers for Gold Coast sand suppliers for building strong foundation under the sand.

  1. Sand may not be the same in every place

At every location the property of sand may vary. In some places it is more like gravel while in other places it may be like silt. Therefore, first try to know the property of the sand before you plan construction.

  1. Obtain a soil report

Architect always go for professional soil testing so that right solution for the foundation can be established. Engineers can take proper decision based on the soil test report and therefore always go for soil test report before construction work.

  1. Do the calculation

You must calculate the weight of the building and calculate how much load bearing capacity is needed. Any sand can bear about 1500 to 3000 pounds per square foot. Besides doing calculation of the floor and wall you must also keep in mind the local incidental code that has a role in calculating overall weight.

  1. Go deeper

As per the soil report you must dig the soil up to the depth that is needed for the foundation. Under the sand you will find other type of soil that can anchor the building properly.

  1. Eliminate vibration

Pay very close attention to vibration as this can damage your property as well as the other property that is in the neighborhood.

  1. Stay dry build tall

Particularly if you are constructing your building near coastal area then you have to consider about chances of flood. Your foundation level should be at much higher level than last 100-year flood crest. This will protect your house from any incident like hurricane or any other kind of disaster that may happen at any time.

  1. Work with any professional

You need to hire a certified geo technical engineer or installer who can give you right suggestion while planning.

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