If you are browsing the internet to find a peaceful residence to live then we have got you covered. Corona Del Mar is an eye-catching coastal district in the heart of Newport Beach, California. This seaside township is spotted on the foot of San Joaquin Hill which is in front of Pacific Ocean. Locals call this place CdM, it’s a Spanish abbreviation which means “Crown of the Sea.”

If you visit this stunning location you will find a perfect combination of contemporary houses with flower-named suburban streets as well as spectacular vintage cottages. Dazzling location with fascinating views, that’s how individuals find Corona Del Mar homes for sale. Below you will read some special and thought-provoking things about this place that will assist you to make decision effortlessly.

Pleasant Environment to Live In

There are loads of elements that disturb our peace of mind. The environment in which we live is the most important one. Consequently, if we possess a pleasing atmosphere, we have the potency to do more and think more. The positivity of our surroundings increases the positivity in our lives. That’s how this alluring site shares its positivity to individuals. How exciting is it to get a home in this vicinity? If you reside in this attractive place it will decrease the tension you get from your job or other things. So be smart and pick an amusing dwelling place like this to live happily.

Worth Visiting Spots

Corona del Mar is famous for its striking views and peaceful environment but residents of this place enjoy far more delightful things than these breathtaking sights. The outstanding attraction here is the tide pool, where an up-close adventure with sea life can be found.

Sherman Library & Gardens is one of the well-known sites to stopover. The Gardens offer a museum of patios & conservatories connected by wide brick footpaths, exhibited in the middle of a set of tidy gardens. In addition, it displays seasonal flower beds along with sparkling tile fountains. The Library is a specific research center dedicated to the learning of the Pacific Southwest.

Besides this park, you will see Crystal Cove State Park, “Big Corona” Beach, “Little Corona” Beach and John Wayne’s, “Marion Mitchell Morrison”, Gravesite. I must say, having a home around this space is just wow!

Cafes And Restaurants

The First Cabin eatery is the chic destination to feast. The casually sophisticated eating place showcases sights of the yacht-filled boatyard. Seating in open-area, comfortable banquettes and an attached bar-shaped in rich mahogany complete the experience. Other famous cafes and Restaurants may include Bamboo Bistro, The Quiet Women, Plum’s Café and much more.


If you are thinking to buy your own house than Corona Del Mar will be the perfect choice because it has the best sea view within Newport Beach, California. So don’t be late, browse through our website to find chic and trendy houses for sale. It is now your chance to own one of Corona Del Mar’s luxurious beachfront houses.