Considering a Bathroom Renovation? Make Sure to Weigh Your Options!

If you ask a seasoned contractor they will probably tell you that the most popular room to work on in any home renovation project is the kitchen.  To be honest, that is usually the most lucrative home improvement investment.  But what you spend on an entire kitchen, you might find, is only slightly than the amount of money you might spend renovating a bathroom.  Sure, the lavatory is a much smaller room, generally speaking, but that much smaller space has to accommodate so many different types of things—and ensure safety despite the fact that electricity and plumbing are so close together.

With that in mind, though, renovating a bathroom can also be a smart investment.  This intimate space is often overlooked in basic home design and home purchases as an oft underestimated space for luxury and comfort. After all, this is the one place in the home where every person who lives and visits the home is most intimate.  But upgrading a bathroom does not have to break the bank. Simple touches can turn a room of utility into one of luxury.

Or, at least, it could feel that way.



When you have decided you want to commit to Renovco bathroom renovations you need to compare fashion and function. Unfortunately you can’t always have both; and when it comes to the bathroom you really don’t want to sacrifice function for fashion.  For example, you might like the idea of a claw foot tub—it is a timeless piece, after all—but if you do not have the space for it, it might force you to have to spend more money on making adjustments that will accommodate it.  Similarly, a pedestal sink is elegant but you lose the cabinet space beneath.


Of course you can’t just design your way to a new bathroom, you are also going to need to weigh some labor options.  By that, of course, I mean that you need to know which jobs you should pay a professional to do and which you might save some money on by doing it yourself. Generally speaking, when it comes to the bathroom, you should probably leave most work to the professionals but, still, you might find that installing a tub or a sink is not too difficult. If you do think you want to attack some of the work yourself, make sure that you take extra time to do it right (or you could be wasting time and money and then still have to call in a pro anyway).

James Loveland

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