Coex Decking –Assured Quality andExtra Durability

Quality and durability are the two major aspects of composite decking. Coex decking is designed to offer you the highest standard possible, which makes your outer space more beautiful and attractive. The composite decking are durable as well as eco-friendly. The composite decks are made from recycled wood and plastic which would otherwise be used for landfill. Not a single tree has been chopped down to manufacture it. As these decks use recycled materials, it provides significant environmental benefits over traditional decks. This also leaves fewer carbon footprints than traditional ones.

Continuous Improvement

Some 12 years ago, composite decking was not available on nearly the same level as of today. The popularity and growth of composite decking is due to the numerous benefits it offers. It has become immensely popular, particularly in the last six years. Composite decking proposes improved products through innovation and improvement. The industry has evolved and offers many possibilities for how it can be used in outdoor space. The main components of composite decking are wood fiber and plastic. The wood fiber can be wood chips or sawdust, and the plastic can be virgin or used.

 Extrusion and compression molding are two main processes of manufacturing it. In extrusion, the wood and plastic component are mixed together and strained through an opening to give it a particular shape and size. In compression molding, the mixture is placed on wood grain cast and dense under tremendous heat to provide the desired texture. This procedure has improved considerably in recent time. The boards have become durable, the surface pattern more alluring and exciting. The color range has become refined and varied.

Wood decking

Since the 1990s it has become more popular and accepted among homeowners and builders. It is an eco-friendly, cost-effective substitute for wood decking. New technology made composite decking lighter, giving more tensile potency. They are less prone to wear and tear, and the waterproof coating makes it more resistant to fading and color change. Maintaining composite decking is easy and hassle-free. You do not need to sand it, paint it, seal it or stain it. It is resistant to weathering, warping and insect damage. All it needs is a simple wash with soap and water. Composite decks are slip-resistant and splinter-free, making it safe for you, your children and pets if you own one. They can withstand harsh weather condition like extreme heat and moisture than a traditional wood deck.