Cleaning Strategies for Outdoor Kitchen

Today, many people are opting for an outdoor kitchen for making optimum use of the living area. Also, outdoor kitchens are great for cooking and chatting with family members while drinking in the beauty of nature. Think of preparing a barbecue for guests while listening to the trickling sound of the water fountain, rustling leaves, and chirping birds in your backyard or garden area. Sounds beautiful, isn’t it? Be it barbecue before parties, or normal Sunday brunch for the family, the outdoor kitchen is just great because it allows you to interact with people and the nature at the same time. But of course, you need to maintain it and clean it on a regular basis.


Think of dry fallen leaves all over the counter, dirt, and dust accumulated over the countertops, greasy grills, and cabinets. Not a very pleasant, though, right? Well, an outdoor kitchen needs more attention than an indoor one because of the simple reason that it is located outside. But don’t worry! Here I will share some effective cleaning strategies with you when it comes to your outdoor kitchen.

  • Cleaning the grills Well, the grill definitely helps you to cook but also accumulates a lot of oil and grease. The most important thing you should do after using it is to allow it to cool down. Once it has cooled down, you can easily scrub it with a sponge and soapy water, and then rinse it with water. Once it is dry, cover them. Most of the people forget to put a cover on the grills. Grills should be covered also for longer durability.
  • Cleaning the kitchen cabinets – We all know that kitchen cabinets play a huge role in making your kitchen look stylish and beautiful. You can easily purchase discount kitchen cabinets from a store near your house. You will get a lot of variety in terms of texture and material. Solid wood cabinets or steel cabinets are great for outdoor usage. But you have to clean them on a regular basis. Use soapy water for cleaning them. Other than that, you can also use a mixture of vinegar and water. Invest on a good all purpose cleaner which can do wonderful job too.


  • Cleaning the countertops – The countertops are highly exposed to oil, dust, and dirt. Often we use oily hands on the counter tops, and also, there is loose dust accumulated on the countertops from the garden. So it is very important that you clean them. You may use plain water or a special cleaner to clean countertops. But you should always dry it with a rag.
  • Cleaning the floors – The floors will accumulate a lot of dirt so the best way to clean floors is to hose it off with water. The second technique is the traditional technique of mopping and sweeping. The third technique is to use pressure water. If you have a garden, you must already own one, if you don’t get a water pressure cleaner. Nothing is better than water with a huge force to get rid of stubborn dirt and stains.
  • Cleaning the refrigerator, ice maker, and microwave – All purpose cleaners are great for cleaning the exterior of refrigerators and microwaves. Try to cover them as much as possible (but not during winter as it may accumulate moisture). Once in a while, you can use a steel polish in order to maintain the look. You need to take special care during the season of winter and fall. You have to winterize this equipment during these seasons.


  • Cleaning the appliances – While it is recommended that you keep most of the appliances inside the cabinets, still some will remain outside like spoons, rice servers, knives, etc. Rinsing with soapy water is enough to clean them. No need to use steel wool or chemicals to clean the utensils.

Now that you know the cleaning techniques of an outdoor kitchen, you should not face any problems while working in such a setup. Nothing can make your backyard look more beautiful than a maintained outdoor kitchen. But that does not mean you have to invest a lot in the kitchen parts or on the cleansers. You can get sinks, grills, appliances and discount kitchen cabinets at an affordable rate. So, start decking up your outdoor kitchen and maintain it properly for a beautiful backyard look. But it is best to keep the washing machine indoors. Just as a side note; if you ever need a washing machine repair in Cheltenham or a washing machine repair in Gloucester, then contact the washing machine repair experts.