Choosing the Right Water Fixtures for the Kids’ Bathroom

Building a family home is no easy matter. You must carefully sort out the details and make hard decisions to get the dream home you have always wanted, designed according to the specific style and theme you wish it to have. It will get confusing at times but, you must concentrate on your goals to get the results you want to to see.

You must always remember that your home should meet both your wants and your needs. It must be able to adapt well to your lifestyle and your social circumstances, especially when you finally decide to start a family or if you are already raising small children. One of the most crucial details you must pay attention to is your kids’ bathroom. It should be kid-friendly, and it should ensure water safety.

Here are the three water fixtures you must have in your kids’ bathroom:

  1. Shower enclosure

Installing a shower enclosure is the best way to go when you want to safeguard your wood fixtures in your bathroom. As you know, kids love to play and mess around, especially with water. They will get everything wet, and this will mean extra cleaning time for you and a bigger chance that your wooden furniture will get damaged. A shower enclosure will make sure that there is no chance for water to splash on your floors or furniture.

  1. Bathtub

Of course, bath time is also playtime for the kids. So, getting a bathtub is ideal to make your children feel that getting themselves clean is fun and enjoyable.

  1. Small toilet

A small toilet is especially useful when you have small children. Although a lot of people would like to skip the small toilet and instead, install the standard sized one in their kids’ bathroom, this is not the best plan. These people who choose to install the standard sized toilet think that their children will easily grow out of a small toilet. Hence, they wish to avoid the hassle and the cost it will take to renovate their kids’ bathroom in the future.

But the problem is, a standard sized toilet will make it hard for the children to use the bathroom. A small toilet, on the other hand, will make it easier for them. It is ideal for potty training because they can reach the trip lever and they won’t need a stool to help them sit on the toilet, and it will encourage the kids to use the bathroom on their own.

Of course, the decision is still up to you. Whether you choose to install the kid-friendly toilet or the standard sized one, you must supervise your children and make sure that they use the toilet correctly. But, getting the small toilet will help your children get potty trained faster.

These are the water fixtures you’ll need to make your bathroom childproof and kid-friendly. Installing these things will surely make parenting and homemaking easier for you.

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