Choosing the Right Vacuuming Option Now

One of the main allies to keep your house clean is the vacuum cleaner. Convenient and practical, it removes dirt from corners, does not lift dust, and requires less cleaning time than a broom.

Until recently, if you decided to buy a new vacuum cleaner, you would find few options on the market. The difference will ultimately be limited to the power or purchase of a vertical vacuum, a vacuum cleaner or a vacuum cylindrical. Now, there are more sophisticated devices such as vacuum and water, for example, and many other models for the most diverse situations, that can make the difference in cleaning your home. The bissell crosswave reviews can be essential there.

One of the changes is that there are tank models today that do not require the use of a disposable bag. This can be a nice saving at the end of the year, but it brings the disadvantage of having to empty the dirt compartment regularly. So you need to think about this task if you opt for a bagless model, especially if you are allergic to dust. Check out the models available on the market and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Learn how to choose your vacuum cleaner

Cylindrical vacuum cleaner

Lightweight and compact, this model is suitable for small environments and usually comes with wheels. It does not have a lot of accessories and does not have a lot of suction power compared to other models. It cleans carpets, ceramic or wood floors.

Vertical vacuum cleaner

Heavier than the cylindrical, it has more suction power and many accessories. It works well in areas with heavy carpets and in homes with pets that release a lot of hair.

Hepa filter vacuum cleaner

Suitable for people allergic to dust. This model has a filter that sucks dust mites, fungi and bacteria called Hepa (High Efficiency Particulate Air).

Vacuum cleaner of dust and water

It has a dual function, as it sucks both dry particles and liquids, thus ensuring a complete cleaning of the surfaces. The aspirated contents are stored in a container which must be emptied after cleaning.

A formidable weapon to fight against dust, the vacuum cleaner is an essential equipment to maintain the different types of soil. Admittedly, the broomstick still exists, but the technological advances have created the vacuum cleaners. Sled, broom, robot, bagless, brush, these are more and more powerful. In the vacuum department, it is better to be patient to choose the right model . Between models, accessories and colors, we do not know which reference to choose. However, it is not an impossible mission. Far from it, because the vacuum cleaner, it should not be forgotten, it is the magic wand of the fairies of the house. It is power, agility, ease of use, compact size, what are the essential qualities of the ideal model?

We will give you some elements of answer which will allow you to choose the vacuum cleaner which suits you . Despite an equipment rate approaching 100% in French households, it is always good to renew its vacuum cleaner: more innovative, more economical and less cumbersome. But there are several pitfalls to avoid if you want to be sure you can make the most of your vacuum cleaner’s capabilities.